Winning Back Lost Customers

Losing current customers for any reason is one of the worst things that can happen to a company. In other words, the effort, time and money spent to win a customer is wasted. Worse is losing the customer to the rival company.

Winning Back Lost Customers

A person who is already a customer is more likely to buy from you. We can say that the current customer is almost 3 times more valuable than the potential customer. Moreover, acquiring a new customer costs almost 6-7 times more than keeping the existing customer.

1.Learn Why The Customer Is Angry

Find out what happened that caused the customer to be offended and abandoned before taking action. Do not make a judgment immediately after the relevant employee in the company has heard this incident, as the situation may be completely different from the customer perspective.

For example, when communicating with a customer who stops shopping from X site because the cargo packages are constantly coming late, make you feel that you are aware of the situation and explain what you can do to solve the problem.

2. Talk to the Customer

Talk to the client face to face or over the phone. There is no need to apologize at the first communication with the outgoing customer. But first, the following two questions should be asked.

Why are you leaving us?
Do you have a request from us to continue being our customer?
These questions usually leave a positive impression on the customer. Because these two questions give people the impression that they "care". The customer who feels important is telling the truth clearly and it remains to offer you solutions for the problem in question.

3. Listen carefully to the customer

"Why are you leaving us?" You can get a wide variety of answers to the question. Not satisfied with customer service, found a more affordable place, found a place close to home… Examples can be reproduced.

Regardless of the answer, listen to the customer respectfully and carefully. Don't get defensive right away. At this point, what you have to do is understand the situation in the middle. If you have difficulty understanding what the customer means, you can ask them to speak more clearly.

In the second question, something is clear in your mind about how to reclaim the customer, but it's still too early to take action.

After talking to the customer, thank him. Apologize for any complaints or inconveniences. Tell the client that you now understand the situation better and will work on the matter.

4. Analyze the Problem

Now you know the middle issue from the eyes of both the company and the customer. You also have an idea of what needs to be done to win back the customer. You must now find out how serious the situation is.

Some customer problems are specific: Things like sending the customer's invoice to the wrong address, changes in the operation, out of order product ...

Some problems are related to the system and business model: things like slow customer service, high prices.

5. Make Sure You Want To Win The Customer

Based on the data you have obtained so far, you need to decide whether you want to win back the customer or not.
In general, specific problems are easy and cheap to solve. For example, if the product package sent to the customer is damaged and the customer complains; The problem can be resolved by sending a new product.

However, solving system problems is not that easy and can be costly.

For example, the main problem is the poor quality, irrelevance and slowness of your customer service. If your business model is to reduce costs and therefore give minimum attention to customer service; So what should you do if customer service is secondary to your business model? To fundamentally change your business model to win back a customer?

Or let's say the customer stopped shopping from you because of the high prices. You also offered special discounts to win this person. What if other customers come with such a request? You should consider whether you are prepared for such a scenario.

6. Contact Customer Again

Let's say you decided you wanted to win the customer and wanted to reconnect.

In such a case, do not state that you want to win back the customer. The customer is already aware of the situation. Instead, say that you have taken into account the customer's comments and suggestions and made changes accordingly.

7.Offer Special Benefits

For example, you have a store. You sell household supplies and electronic products. A customer who has been shopping from you for many years does not shop from you anymore due to the recent price increase. In this example, if the main problem for the customer is price increase, you can offer special discounts and advantages to the customer. For example, within the scope of the loyalty program, if you make a purchase of 2000 dollars within three months, you can give a 500 dollar gift voucher. With such discounts and advantages, you can win back the customer's heart and himself.

In addition, you can make agreements with other companies. For example, you can deal with a restaurant as a home goods store. You can give a nice dinner for two at your contracted restaurant to those who buy from you for $ 500 or more. Both you, the restaurant and the customer benefit from this situation.