Why Do We Buy Things We Don't Need?

Shopping Is An Invented Concept. Shopping is Emotional. Sometimes we shop for no reason. Have you ever thought about the reason for this?

Why Do We Buy Things We Don't Need?

We all do or have done it: We're talking about buying things we don't need ... But what's the reason behind spending money on something that is not needed? Why do we always buy something?

Why do we need to buy new ones when we go to a mall even though we have dozens of shirts, sweaters and trousers in our wardrobe?

In this article, we include different perspectives on this subject.

Shopping is an Invented Concept

Let's think about the middle ages. Kings, sultans, princes did not shop. Tailors sewed special clothes for them. The belongings in the palace were left to them by their fathers and mothers. These items, clothes and tangible assets were of high quality and longevity.

Ordinary people had fewer items because things like tailoring clothes for them were quite expensive. If we say something was thrown away and cheap was not available then it is appropriate. First there was no plastic. Aluminum was just being used.

In other words, there was no concept called shopping, because the production system that would enable thousands of products to be produced from one product was not yet available.

People used to have a jacket, a glove, a pair of shoes. These things also had to be taken care of because it was not possible to get the second one.

Also, being in an upper class was not possible. In other words, a peasant did not need ballet shoes because a peasant had no chance to become a ballerina.

When we come to the present, we can say that freedom of expression and choice is at the root of shopping. For the first time in history, things that can only belong to the upper class have also been made available to the general public.

This first opening marked a form of freedom rather than materialism or a shopping frenzy. In other words, instead of sitting down and making their own soaps, people could buy ready-made soaps so they could spare time for themselves.

Consider this: Consider a woman who served a queen for 25 years. This woman saw that the queen lived in luxury for 25 years. This luxury has always remained a dream for him.

However, later on, the fabrics of the dresses the queen wore began to be sold, and tailors who made such clothes became widespread… Is there anything wrong with this woman wanting such things? Of course not.

But does this woman need a dress like this? It is not possible to say yes to this question. This dress was only a symbol of an imagined life in the woman's mind.

Shopping Is Emotional

Take the popular boots brand Uggs.
Nobody has a desire for Uggs. But there is a desire to be comfortable and to stay fashionable. When you wear uggs, you buy that feeling. You feel comfortable and adapt to your group of friends.

Because all shopping is an emotional act.
Even if you buy the cheapest product, there is a sense of its origin. There is a selection here for the value and emotion you attribute to things and clothing.

Even if you see yourself as someone who is never affected by advertising and buy cheap products, there is an emotional preference at the root of this.

Another example: When you sign up for a gym, you don't buy a gym membership. You buy your dream fit body.

You don't buy a table when you buy a walnut table. You buy the dream of sitting around this table, chatting and having fun with your cool and well-educated friends.

In other words, shopping provides an upper class, comfort and makes life easier.

Now let's take a look at some of the popular "excuses" we have created for shopping that include reasons such as getting to a better place in life, promoting, jumping up, and gaining acceptance.

1. I Need It!

Even if a person has 10 shirts, this belief is one of the methods of persuading himself to get the 11th.

We said shopping is emotional, but we still have to convince ourselves of the purchase. We also feel the need to produce a rational justification. We may have 10 shirts, but the 11th shirt would be very stylish with the linen jacket we bought last week!

2. Family and Friend Effect

As humans, we tend to imitate the actions of those around us. In an experiment conducted in 1951, 75% of participants at least once accepted something true that they knew was wrong. 25% refused to do so. What was the question, you know?

Which of the lines A, B, and C does the left line look most like?

By responding based on the answers given by others, people showed that they were actually influenced by them ...

3. I Love Shopping

Everyone loves! But one must know why this happens. A person who shoppers when bored does not need to shop, but needs to know the cause of his boredom. Buying things you don't need will put your boredom in just a few hours!

4. Does Not Run For This Price!

November 11th, Great Friday, Black Friday, Good Friday, Mother's Day Sale, Father's Day Sale, 23rd April Sale, 30th August Sale, Welcome Discount, Five-Gone Sale…

Discounts do not end. Well, if they were really discounts, it might not be that much of a problem, but unfortunately, in our country, discounts are perceived as discounts on discounts and things work this way.

There is no end to the thought that "I can't find it at this price again". Because everything is supposedly on sale all the time.

5. Easy Shopping

Once upon a time, shopping was a laborious business. We were expected at the weekend, shops were visited one by one, prices were compared. Nowadays, you can buy anything you want in a few clicks. The product also arrives in less than 24 hours.

This convenience makes it easy to buy things that are not needed and to fill the house with unnecessary things.

6. One Day It Will Need Me

Let's say you have a product you want to buy. If you haven't needed this product in the last 90 and will only need it once in the next 90, you can borrow or lease this product instead of purchasing it. Shopping is not done just because there will be a need one day, I mean it should not be done ...

7. I must reward myself

You may have got 100 from the exam you have been working for 2 weeks… You may have successfully completed a 4 month project… Congratulations then. Rewarding yourself with something material rather than enjoying the spiritual enjoyment of it will spoil the clarity and purity of the work.

Or, after a hard day, a similar attitude is followed to relieve stress and to hide unhappiness. The glasses you buy for 500 lira will not eliminate the things that make you unhappy. Only you can eliminate this problem.

8. You Have To

This is a problem in human nature, it is a bug. The desire to buy something because other people also own it… While we were in primary school, we ate our parents a lot by saying "Ahmet has a lunchbox with Pokemon". Today, this race is even hotter in the age of social media and Instagram.

It is also a fashionable move to buy the same t-shirt worn by famous singers, artists, football players and phenomena. At a time when everyone is trying to be unique and unique, it is not mind-blowing to buy the t-shirt he wears because “Rihanna wears the same”.

9. I will buy with a credit card

When you buy it with a credit card, this is one of the methods of sewing a cover for shopping as if you do not have money in your pocket. Even if not today, you will pay that statement tomorrow. When you buy something in 12 installments instead of cash, the same money, sometimes even more, comes out of your pocket.

10. I am using it!

You have 15 pairs of shoes in your house, but you still buy new shoes saying "I will use"?

People shop with many excuses. And they all have an excuse. Even if this excuse is very simple ..