What Should You Do If Customers Say Your Prices Are High?

If Customers Say Your Prices Are High: Not everyone can understand the true value of the product or service you are selling. Offer product Y if product X is expensive for the customer or offer extra benefits alongside the base product.

What Should You Do If Customers Say Your Prices Are High?

if you are selling products or services, someone will surely tell you "Your prices are too high!" he said. No matter what industry you are in, it is almost inevitable that you will hear this objection after making offers to some customers. First of all, you should know what you are selling, have the right way of thinking and know the real value of the product or service you offer.

The biggest mistake you can make in business life is to be crushed in the face of customers who do not know the value of the service or product you offer, and to work even to make a small sale.

1. Not everyone can understand the true value of the product or service you are selling.

Just because someone came out and said, "Dude, everything you sell is at the cost of fire!" she said, “I wonder if my product isn't that much? Or is what I'm selling really worthless? " Do not bother immediately. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with your product. Maybe the product in question simply doesn't have any value for that customer, which is why he said it was expensive.

In such cases, you can choose to give answers like:
"I understand your worries about money, how much can you budget for product X?"
"Don't worry, we can make a good price, but how much does product X cost?"

2. Offer product Y if product X is expensive for the customer or offer extra benefits alongside the base product.

You don't have to discount and reduce the value of your product just because the customers found your prices expensive. Sometimes you should not compromise on your prices and offer the customer a cheaper equivalent product instead of following a price-breaking policy. If you do not have an alternative product with a more attractive price, you may consider giving bonuses alongside the main product.

In such cases, the following sentences may come to your rescue:

“We certainly cannot compromise on quality, but if your budget is limited, of course we will do something. How about product Y if X sounds expensive to you? Its features are slightly lower than the X, but there is absolutely no difference in quality. If you want, consider this offer as well. "

“Unfortunately, our prices are not negotiable, but of course we wouldn't want to send you empty-handed. Then let's do it like this, you take X, and product Z is our gift for you. What do you think it's more attractive, isn't it? "

3. Do not worry if your price is objected to, as it may mean that the customer is really looking at your products as a buyer.

Often times, people act out of emotions and buy something, then try to give a logical explanation. In fact, the purchasing process works all over the world. If the customer thinks that you should pay for your product or not, if you are looking for a logical reason to buy your product, how happy you are! So you've already won your customer's heart! From this point on, all you have to do is to appeal to the logic of the customer and justify the purchase of the product. In this case, after seeing that the other person likes your product, you should try to learn all the details of that individual's needs and say, "Hmm, property X is just for me!" You should be able to say.

4. Not everyone you encounter may be an ideal customer. Such situations are perfectly normal, so don't bother.

There is no rule that you will sell goods to anyone who knocks on your door in trade. After all, you cannot cure everyone's trouble, so “The customer is the customer. I have to please everyone! ” There is no point in telling yourself. Therefore, do not compromise your company's goals, try to gain the right customers for you by determining your target audience well.

Suppose you encounter a customer one day. At the time, you are not offering a product or service that will meet the customer's current needs. Then you can say:

"Maybe we cannot find a solution to your 'A' problem right now, but we are ready to do our best if conditions allow in the future. We must keep in touch. "

“Unfortunately, I cannot make the discount you requested, if I do, I have to compromise the quality of my product, which is not possible. I understand you very well, you are looking for the lowest prices because of your situation. However, it is unfortunately not possible for us to make a discount on a quality product and price in X. "

5. Never forget that other people really need you and come to your door to solve their important problems.

What do you think is the main reason people buy something? The answer is very simple: They have to buy that product due to some needs or problems. So there is an issue they have to deal with, and they are willing to knock on your door and spend money for it. Based on this information, first identify the problems of your customers and try to find the right solutions.

For example, you can try to identify your customer's problems and find solutions with sentences like the following:

“You've obviously suffered from the A problem for quite some time. We've encountered similar issues many times before, so make sure we understand your position and will do our best to help you. ”

“As far as we can see, you need to get rid of your troubles as soon as possible. We also offer you an immediate solution. We assure you that you will get a good return on your investment. "