What Cause Chronic Stress in Entrepreneurs

Chronic stress, as the name suggests, is a type of stress that is experienced constantly and occurs when the body is constantly stimulated due to stress. Chronic stress is the result of a longer buildup and can have a lasting effect.

What Cause Chronic Stress in Entrepreneurs

It is necessary to know the difference between acute stress and chronic stress.

When you get into an argument with an employee, before going out to public speaking, you experience acute stress on a day of trouble at work. These situations are of short duration.

However, chronic stress, as the name suggests, is a type of stress that is experienced constantly and occurs when the body is constantly stimulated due to stress. In other words, chronic stress does not develop due to a specific event. Chronic stress is the result of a longer buildup and can have a lasting effect.

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish these types of stress, which can be divided into short-term and long-term stress. Often, acute stress turns into chronic stress. The human body is good at dealing with acute stress. However, when the stress spreads over a long period, that is, when it turns into chronic stress, the body has a hard time coping with such intense stress.

Do you quarrel with the same employee every day?
Do you feel inadequate as a leader or boss?
Do you always live in fear that things won't catch up?
If your answer to these questions is yes, we can say that you are experiencing chronic stress. The things that stress you as an entrepreneur are different from the rest of society.

According to a study, there are some basic conditions that cause entrepreneurs to experience chronic stress. Let's take a closer look at these situations.

1. Attempting to do a lot with scarce resources in a short time

Stress is inevitable if you are trying to keep a lot of work done with less staff. Maybe you want to open a new branch for your existing business and you do not have enough budget for it.

Even if you have enough budget, you may not have enough time. The rush of raising jobs can disrupt your sleep patterns and cloud your social relationships.

In order to overcome this kind of stress, it is necessary to give importance to the concept of concentration first. Planning, organizing and prioritizing things will ease your stress at this point. Or to know clearly what needs to be done for each task and to tell your employees; Advancing with a certain time schedule, in other words, having a road map causes stress reduction.

If you do your work in a planned and concentrated manner, the stress of dealing with a difficult task will be less. Moreover, the possibility of stress in your work will decrease in the future. In this context, proceeding in a planned way prevents you from devouring yourself even if your resources are scarce.

2. Having Communication Weakness With Employees

Building solid and healthy relationships with people is vital to the success of a business. If you are constantly in quarrels with your employees, if you have a loss of communication with them, this situation inevitably causes stress. Because you may see your employees more often than your spouse and children. As such, the environment of unhappiness and anxiety in the workplace both reduces productivity and prevents you from enjoying the work.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with your employees, it affects both you and your customers. Like a domino stone, when you fall, they fall too. In this respect, the unrest in the business environment must be eliminated, otherwise the future of the company will be jeopardized.

Building good and healthy relationships with people requires attention and care. As Warren Buffett said:

“It takes 20 years to gain dignity. 5 minutes is enough to ruin dignity. "

To improve your relations with your employees, you should know them well and stay calm in times of crisis. Spending time to socialize as a team, going to events and travels together brings a healthy face to the employee-boss relationship.

3. Extreme Competition and Lack of Team Spirit

It is possible to encounter toxic people in the business environment as everywhere. Some of them are ambitious enough to harm their environment, while others do not fulfill their responsibilities. The first group sees every way as permissible to quickly climb the career ladder. It does not hesitate to grab it from behind everyone. The second group lives on others, seems to work, but their efficiency is very low.

Both situations cause increased stress in the workplace. Both the boss and good people who strive to do their job are negatively affected. According to research, 54% of people think about leaving their jobs just because of toxic people at work. In other words, if there are gossipy, lazy people in your office who do not comply with the team spirit, it will be best for everyone's health to give way to them.

4. Low Performance

Failing to achieve the expected performance is one of the important stress sources for both employees and managers. Many entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to poor performance. Employees are tolerated as long as they “appear to be working”, but in the medium and long term this causes great inefficiency. The company's activities slow down, fall behind in the competitive environment, lose customers ...

Even if some performance issues are handled by the human resources department, the performance issue must be addressed by the manager himself, the boss, and the expectations must be clearly expressed.

5. Unreasonable Requests of Customers

Customer relationship management is a difficult issue. We have long heard of the fact that the customer is right anyway, but some customers make demands that cannot be explained by any logic and hinder the company's performance and activity. Unreasonable expectations and demands annoy and cause stress for both the boss and employees within the company.

In addition, companies that are successful in customer management make extra efforts to meet the demands of their customers. It attaches importance to even the smallest details and builds a customer-oriented company culture. In other words, it takes a proactive approach and eliminates potential problems from the very first minute. Thus, the customer will not be able to complain.

In short, you can approach the issues discussed in our article more carefully in terms of preventing chronic stress in the workplace, and you can eliminate the factors that cause stress in terms of your mental and body health.