Ways to Retain Great Employees

Retain Great Employees: Respect Your Employees, Remove Barriers, Emphasize Emotional Intelligence, How Can We Make You Happier Here?, Provide Creative Freedom and Autonomy

Ways to Retain Great Employees

Professionals who take business life seriously know that the most important capital of a company is its skilled staff. The most successful and innovative companies in the world have understood this fact very well. Therefore, they make a special effort not to lose their bright and successful people.

Of course, finding the most successful and intelligent people in the market is a move that takes time and money. In this respect, a company does not want to lose its successful staff. Today, managers in the most successful companies in the world are evaluated according to criteria such as the quality and ability of the personnel they recruit. In other words, one of the basic conditions of being a successful manager is to bring successful and bright people to the company and prevent them from going.

1. Respect Your Employees

All employees in a company, without exception, deserve respect. But respect is vital to prevent the most successful people in the company from leaving.

If you treat your staff professionally and respectfully, they will try to do their best. This also increases your reputation as a manager, leader and boss.

The best staff in the company begin to plan to leave when he feels not respected, even if he gets a very good salary and likes his job. Disrespect is unacceptable in human life. Therefore, people who are treated disrespectfully may even want to know and take revenge on you. In short, respect should be a top priority.

2. Remove Barriers

Don't make the mistake of hiring staff and teaching them the job that your job is over. One of the most important things you should do as a boss is to prevent employees from losing their motivation and to prevent them from getting distracted.

So besides asking your employees what motivates them, try to find out what disrupts their concentration. Things like in-house conversations, boring bureaucratic structure are the factors that degrade the performance of successful people. You should try to overcome these obstacles too.

3. Emphasize Emotional Intelligence

Things like empathy, support, being friendly and respectful are the most important elements of emotional intelligence.

Lynn Taylor says:

“The fastest growing companies in the world try to incorporate smart people. You can hire the most knowledgeable person in the world. However, if there is a selfish and insensitive environment within the company, it will not be possible to keep these people in your hands. You do not need to know the private life of your employees literally. But knowing that they are also human beings and that they also have an emotional world is very important in terms of establishing proper communication with them. "

4. How Can We Make You Happier Here?

You should have this type of conversation with your employees regularly. You should learn about their satisfaction and get ideas from them on what kind of improvements can be made.

5. Be Consistent

Productivity and efficiency increase if your employees know clearly what it means to be successful and the company's goals. The company does not have a clear goal, in other words, an environment of indecision within the company can cause you to lose the support of your employees.

6. Provide Creative Freedom and Autonomy

Successful and bright people perform better when left to their own devices. If you give these people creative freedom to pursue new ideas and allow them to pursue their own passions, you will find that they will add more value to the company.

7. Do Not Be Appreciated Know

Your employees want to be appreciated for their contributions and achievements. Being able to thank them will make them feel valued. Especially if you congratulate an employee for his performance that week in front of the community, you can see that this person's loyalty to you will increase.

Of course, when we say appreciation, we are talking about a real concept. An original and unrealistic form of appreciation can become automatic and soulless, which is actually the opposite of the emotion you want to create.

8. Get Their Opinion
When you get the opinions of our employees, you convey the message that you value their opinions and that their opinions are valuable. This means that you attach importance to the experience, knowledge and opinion of the other party.

Actually, this is the simplest way to appreciate your employees. However, for some reason, many managers fail to do this. The main reason why the most successful employees of the market leave a company is because they feel that their opinions are not taken seriously. In this respect, especially try to get the opinions of the staff that you are pleased with their presence within the company.

In addition, try to put your ideas and suggestions into action. Putting into action a strategy put forward by an industrial engineer for efficiency in your company gives that person the feeling that they are important to the company, which is very motivating ...

9 .Offer a Satisfactory Salary

The most concrete step you can take to keep your employees in the company is to keep their salary at a satisfactory level. In other words, your employees should not switch to a rival company just because their salary is better. You should please them financially with bonuses, bonuses, performance awards, personal rights.