Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

How to Increase Employee Engagement? Start from the top. Be transparent. Be visible. Thank you. Be reliable. You can do it with features like this.

Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

70% of employees in California are either not satisfied with their job at all or have lost satisfaction afterwards. No matter how dire the picture is, every sane leader or entrepreneur places great emphasis on employee engagement and satisfaction. Because in a business environment where employees are satisfied, the profit and number of customers are increasing exponentially.

So how to please employees? There are various software, consultants, therapy programs and approaches that suggest different solutions for the solution of the problem, but simple and inexpensive methods should not be overlooked in increasing employee satisfaction. So try the following 10 simple but effective methods:

1. Start from the top.

The most effective method of satisfying companies can do is "follow the leader". First of all, employees want their leaders to behave as expected of them and to have the qualities expected of them. In companies where leaders exhibit the desired behavior, the rate of satisfaction of employees with their jobs is 55% higher than others. In addition, by 53%, they concentrate more on their work and the rate of resignation decreases.

2. Be transparent.

The transparency of the management is closely related to employee happiness at a rate of 94%. Trusting employees and not hiding sensitive information from them increases their loyalty to the company and creates a consensual team spirit. Thus, an atmosphere of us is created rather than me.

3. Be visible.

This happens in two ways. First, managers and company owners must be accessible and visible while working in their offices. In this way, employees see them accessible and can consult them directly whenever they need guidance or assistance rather than getting in trouble. Second, reward employees' achievements and contributions to the company. This not only encourages employees to continue to achieve great things, but also motivates other employees.

4. Thank you.

This is a simple thing, but often overlooked in large companies. Being noticed and accepted by the management ensures that employees trust the company and creates positive energy in the work environment by increasing their loyalty to the company. In companies that have managers who support their employees, employees tend to stay 1.3 times in their company compared to others and are 67% more satisfied with their jobs.

5. Be reliable.

Companies are made up of people. Not from products, machines or assets. The sincere relations established between employees and managers inspire trust between employees and create an atmosphere of friendship. According to a study, strong humanitarian managers have a great impact on employees.

6. Be flexible.

Give your employees the freedom to create their own work schedules or to create the work environments they need. Most employers do not rely on employees who work from home or arrange their own working hours, whereas, statistically, employees with flexible working hours and the working environment they want are more satisfied with their work and more productive than those who work at eight o'clock in the morning.

7. Acquire specific character and behavioral traits.

Experience and education do not guarantee performance in the workplace. Even the most talented employee will fail if their behavior is bad. Some employees are not satisfied with their job just for this reason. Treat your employees the right way and develop your personality traits accordingly. For this, ensure that your managers are trained.

8. Delight your employees from the first day at work.

The quickest way to destroy workplace satisfaction is for employees to take care of mountains of paperwork or go through heaps of Powerpoint presentations from day one. New employees start with enthusiasm and curiosity. So help them by introducing their coworkers and assigning a mentor. First impressions are important, and to make it perfect, introduce them to your company and their business well.

9. Volunteer to help employees.

Good manners and manners keep you moving forward. In companies where managers help employees voluntarily, employee satisfaction and productivity are high. Working together and helping them when necessary gives the message that the company is not only about making money, but is pursuing a good goal of making a difference in the world.

10. Let employees and managers have fun together.

Having fun together with employee-manager not only breaks the boring routine but also triggers creativity and increases collaboration.

Organize a football tournament at the company or post a free dress once a month. Employees can wear the ugly clothes they want or do the crazy hair color. Of course, management should also participate in these activities. In this way, the communication with the employees increases, the employees are integrated with the management and the trust of the employees in the management increases.

As you can see, there is no secret to ensuring that employees are satisfied with their jobs. If you are wondering if there are some special things that will make employees happy with their job, ask them. So you will be surprised how simple the solution is. Remember this golden rule: Treat people as you would like to be treated. That way, you don't have to hire expensive consultants and spend money on software and other expensive stuff. No price is charged for love, mutual understanding, kindness and flexibility.