The Secret to Success in Business is Thinking Like a Magician

Preparation is essential for success. You have to be one step ahead of everyone else. Deep research on the target audience will bring success. You can be successful like a magician.

The Secret to Success in Business is Thinking Like a Magician

Achieving success takes an extraordinary effort. Well, when it comes to the business world, what or what changes if you think like a magician in order to achieve astonishing success?

Let's take a closer look at the relationship between magic and business life and see the impact of this duo on our success.

We do not have the slightest doubt that the information you will learn from our article will enable you to make a significant progress in your business life.

Preparation is essential for success.

As in business life, preparation is essential for success in magic. Let's listen to the common points or differences between these two from the mouth of the magician David Kwong.

"In 2014, Hollywood director Edgar Wright, who made extraordinary films such as Dawn of the Zombies, Tight Cops, Scott Pilgrim Against the World and Full Throttle, invited me to his home to" learn how a magician thinks ". I asked my magician friend Blake Vogt to accompany me to "upload". The concept of "loading" is a preparation word we use for pre-arranging and placing devices to be used during the wizard. Close-up illusionists, for example, can be loaded by filling their pockets with coins or extra cards. All kinds of equipment needed are placed in a specific system before the show - in the gap between what the audience can see and what they can perceive, so that the magician can access them precisely when they need them unnoticed. This effect, which is perceived as improvisation by the audience, is actually the return of the preparation.

I think Blake is one of the best cheating creators in today's world of illusion; He even had the opportunity to work with famous magicians like David Blaine and Dynamo to create magic in TV shows. What he and I designed together was the story that shaped director Wright's magic lesson. It all started with a fifteen minute delay. We apologized for not finding the house, then showed our numbers with sleight of hand. We talked about the parallels and differences between the illusion of magic and artistry. After a while, we started to recover. Then Edgar asked us for one last trick.

I said, "I think we did the best we could." "But maybe, if there's an open space - like your driveway, we can try another trick."

Wright offered to move into the backyard, and we headed towards the kitchen to reach the garden. The house had a courtyard overlooking green grass surrounded by bushes. While standing by the lawn, I asked our host to tell me a playing card. The heart chose the quintet. Blake asked him to choose a place in the courtyard and show us where he had chosen. Edgar sat on a bench just far from where we were standing. After all three of us arrived at the scene, I asked our director to dig the ground. There was a game card embedded there. Edgar tried to find him - and Bam! The Five of Hearts were just there waiting for Edgar!

Normally I would have chosen to keep the trick behind the scenes of this trick a secret, but that day Wright asked me to show him the process of magic. So I wanted to let him know about the strategies Blake and I were using - we did each trick in reverse too.

The wizards begin the planning process by first anticipating exactly at what point the final "Wow" reaction may come from the audience, the moment when something "impossible" happens. Then we work in reverse to identify the parts needed to bring about this effect and to accomplish it skillfully. Preparations are never perceived as a waste of time.

Sitting in Edgar's living room, I had him watch a video of how we loaded up with Blake. Knowing that our “magic lesson” must end the moment he discovers his randomly chosen card, we designed this discovery in the opposite way to recreate this improvised illusion. Edgar was shaking his head in disbelief as he watched footage of us burying 52 cards in his garden earlier that day and memorizing the positions of the cards.

But Blake and I really got into the house to bury the cards, and then we got to the meeting late and we told him we couldn't find the house. Also, we haven't offered to do one last trick; we waited to be asked to us. We pretended to be reluctant about this. We were trying to remind him of the driveway to actually guide us to his backyard. Every stage of the story you will understand was written in advance. However, we did not explain how we had Edgar pick the location of the card he chose - the technique we used was a commercial secret, and if we had told him that secret, our magic license would be taken away from us. "

You have to be one step ahead of everyone else.

“Edgar wanted to have an idea of ​​how magicians thought, but the lesson for him was the time we spent preparing this trick. Our installation was tough, purpose-oriented, and highly confidential. And it created an unforgettable effect, reinforced by the story it was attached to. The basic rule of magic is to be at least one step ahead of the audience. All these uploads are just to ensure exactly that - you are prepared for this challenging process with great privacy, taking into account everything, even all possible mishaps. As a result of all these hidden preloads, the advantage is definitely yours, but no one knows this fact but you. And in those moments when you bring your big tricks to life, your audience will never be able to figure out how you can do them, they just think you are a superhuman being.

Preparing to do something great isn't always easy, but it's sure to be more important than you think. Clever leaders of the business world, like magicians, are also aware of this scientific fact that lies behind the "preparation" process. The proactivity process - the ability to anticipate the future demands of the market and respond to these potential demands before the competitors - starts with foreseeing the impact you want to achieve at the end of the process. What exactly is your goal? Do you want to sign an unmissable business deal or need a magical touch to kick off your career? The more important your goal is to you, the more important your preparations should be for that goal. So it is imperative that you give your full attention to this job. In some of my critical shows, I take my preparation to such extreme points that I make other magicians almost astounded - they do not understand how I could prepare even more than them, and they desperately try to unravel the secret of this work.

Consider your primary goals for your career and personal life, and ask yourself how best to prepare to achieve those goals. What exactly do you need to be the leader of your game? Which skills will give you the biggest advantage? What else can you add to your repertoire to help you easily bridge the gap between your target audience's expectations and your victory? ”

Deep research on the target audience is essential for success.

Perhaps you can aim to choose an entirely new way to meet the needs of your target audience. Let's break away from the wizarding industry for a while and talk about a real event related to a different industry.

Lorenzo Zambrano, CEO of the Mexican cement company Cemex, wanted to increase the company's profits. The very short shelf life of ready mixed concrete required it to be delivered just before the customer use it. If circumstances required changing existing orders, criminal sanctions were imposed on customers, because the products were wasted.

Zambrano explored all the options and decided that it could gain a significant competitive advantage by improving delivery methods. He and his team worked with great confidentiality on delivery methods for other industries such as FedEx, pizza delivery companies and ambulance services. As a result of these studies, they saw that the companies in question were using digital systems, which they would later start using. In this way, they enabled Cemex trucks to be routed in real time to optimize routing in large service areas. Thus, when a customer postponed the order at the last minute, the product in question could be forwarded to another person who made an urgent order at the time of delivery.

Because of these changes, Cemex has become one of the largest ready-mixed concrete companies in the world. Although this preparation, which paved the way for Zambrano's success, was tiring, the results were quite surprising. By keeping his research a secret, Zambrano prevented companies that still use older methods from noticing the threat that this new application would bring - until it put the practice into practice and squeezed it on each one's heel.

As you can understand, it is essential to do a target audience research for the future of a business. Before Zambrano became the leader of its industry, it had to fully understand its customer's habits, problems and needs. However, his only target audience was not his customers; he also wanted to outpace his rivals. That is why, despite having the intelligence to reveal his practices and assumptions, he preferred to keep them in the dark, that is, silence.

Wizards closely follow their target audience, that is, their audience. One reason for this situation is to preserve the element of surprise. No viewer should ever see the same number a second time; because that “Wow!” you will want to make your viewers experience these illusions. It can also endanger the process. Wizards should remember who saw their numbers before and offer something new if they encounter the same audience. David Kwong says that after each show he compiled a list of dates, venues, what was there, and what tricks were performed. “I try to enter every name I can remember. The aim here is to use your memory power to help you further develop relationships that matter to you, while protecting against situations that pose a threat to your show. "

Don't be afraid to use any legitimate tool at your disposal to gain the approval of your target audience.

What if you are meeting your audience for the first time, or if you are a fresh entrepreneur who is just starting out in business? What will you do then?

“Nothing in the world of magic can replace that confusion when I talk about some personal information about the volunteers I have chosen“ randomly ”that I would never know as a stranger. Today's wizards are Facebook, Google, Tinder, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. using applications. Despite all the concerns about privacy, most people share much more data on these platforms than they are aware of or remember. If you want the approval of your target audience, you should use every legitimate tool at your disposal. "

Do research on your potential employer or employee, customers, colleagues or interviewer. Prepare for your dating appointment by uploading as much information as possible about this stranger.

More and more businesses are understanding the power of big data. Nowadays, the corporate approach to the installation process is based on using each available technology to gain as much real-time information as possible about individual customer behavior and then leverage this data to increase the customer's experience.

For example, Disney's MyMagic + system, which owns the world-famous amusement park, allows Walt Disney World Resort guests to plan their trips with an application called My Disney Experience. This helps Disney gain insight into its target audience / customers. Upon arrival at the resort, families are provided with a MagicBand bracelet that will prevent long lines or allow easy access to extras such as souvenir photos. The bracelets also provide information about the location of users, so Disney customers send messages to their phones to provide directions on where to roam or where to get a cold drink.

In this way, Disney can better understand the needs and habits of its visitors and increase the enjoyment of their experiences; This method also helps customers reinforce their brand loyalty. This aggregated data obtained with MyMagic + also includes information that Disney can benefit from in facility development. In fact, Disney makes a lot more money through guests coming through MyMagic +, but the illusion is that it looks like they are guests who have won all the awards.

In the world of magic or business, it is extremely important to be reasonable when distributing data you upload secretly. Pay attention to the gap between what your target audience thinks you know and what you actually know and use your insight to surprise them, but be careful not to reveal anything that could jeopardize your superiority advantage. Whether your stage is a kitchen, a classroom or a meeting room, every step of the preparation is important.

Wizards spend hundreds of hours on a trick that happens in two seconds, because they think we, the audience, are worth it. After you, entrepreneurs, set a goal that is worth your best effort, complete your preparations with a radical and secrecy that no one else can imagine. When your turn comes, do your part properly. Remember, all that effort in preparation will make your success effortless and everyone will think you are a genius.