The Principle of Liking and Its Importance in Business Life

The Principle of Liking: What is the Like Principle? Physical Attractiveness, Similarity The more your employees love you, the more they will listen to you.

The Principle of Liking and Its Importance in Business Life

What is the Like Principle?

This is actually a little bit about instinct. We endure the sorrow of the people we love We are more easily persuaded by the people we love.

This situation is not only valid for sales and shopping.

We'll be more positive towards someone who compliments us.

The good cop - bad cop scenario always works because we have more closeness to the good cop and tell the good cop what we didn't say to the bad cop.

A perfume advertisement starring a beautiful mannequin increases the sales of that perfume because people think that when they buy that perfume, they also buy the attractiveness of the model.

We tend to buy products and services recommended by a favorite artist or celebrity. We follow more the advice of a friend whose taste we trust.

Whether this person is someone we know or a stranger, if we find this person sympathetic, sincere, trustworthy, that person has a higher power to persuade us.

The same is true for the workplace environment. The more your employees love you, the more they will listen to you. The more employees love each other, the better teamwork they do together.

Employees' love for each other and their bosses positively affects the productivity and efficiency factors in the workplace.

In his important book, The Psychology of Idea, Robert Cialdini describes the principle of "like" in five chapters.

a. Beauty: Beautiful or handsome people give us the impression of reliability.

b. Similarity: We like people who are like us socio-culturally.
c. Compliment: We all love to receive compliments, so we care about those who compliment us.

d. Close relationship: We trust people with whom we have a close relationship and cooperation more.

e. Conditioning: We like other things related to the things we like. For example, we have more positive thoughts about the car driven by a woman we find nice.

When you understand the 5 basic elements we have listed here, it will be easier for you to use them at work. When people love you, your influence over them increases.

A. Physical Attractiveness

A beautiful woman or a handsome man evokes positive emotions. Trust, humor, honesty, fun etc.

If your mind is on your clothes while reading this, you are not alone. Dressing well, smelling good and being well-groomed are appreciated by people. Dressing is also part of this.

Of course, you can understand this personally as well as environmentally.

You have a company and you have 10 employees.
Is your office well maintained?
Is ventilation, lighting, cleaning okay?
Do you have a habit of taking regular breaks?
Are the toilets clean?
The environment in the workplace directly affects the opinions of the employees about that workplace.

The technical infrastructure of the company is as important as the office and clothing. Things such as the programs the company uses, the design of the company's website, brand identity are also things that make people enjoy working for a particular company.

B. Similarity

Similarity is also an effective consideration after physical attraction. We love people who look like us. We love people who love the same kind of movies as us, people from a family with a similar structure to us, people who care about the things we care about.

For example, motorcycle riders greet a lot while on the road. Because it is possible for both people to have a similar passion. So there is a situation of having "the same world view" and two people are aware of this. But Toyota drivers, for example, don't have this kind of greeting practice. Because there is no such awareness in the Toyota brand. website is basically a platform about animal adoption. Detailed biographies of the company's employees are included in the "About Us" section of this site. In other words, the pets of all the personnel in the company are mentioned, and information is given about their favorite animals. Considering the target customer base of the site, we can say that acts exactly on the principle of similarity and tries to establish an emotional connection with the platform. It's a really nice tactic.

C. Praise

Everyone likes compliments. Even the most humble person cannot resist compliment. Things like congratulations, thanks, congratulations, and compliments create positive feelings and thoughts with people.

For example, you can congratulate your employees for something good they did. You can always find something.

You can encourage complimenting at meetings.

You can celebrate and thank your employees alone and in the community.

So what if the workplace is stressful and you are not in the compliment mode?

Meditation is considered an effective method to maintain a good and positive attitude. Tim Ferriss, who has made important works on productivity and efficiency in business life, has determined that 80% of these people regularly meditate after interviews with 200 highly successful people.

D. Cooperation

Working together for a common purpose causes us to have positive feelings towards our colleagues. If there is a common goal, partnerships are more prominent than differences.

For example, a Heineken advertisement gives us very good information on this subject.

After Pepsi's unsuccessful attempts at social awareness issues, this ad got a lot of buzz online.

In this ad, people who do not know each other are told to work together on a project. But people do not know anything about the subject of the project. All they know is that they must collaborate to successfully complete the project. After working on the project and covering a long distance, people learn about each other's different characteristics. But at this point, instead of arguing, they sit down and chat reasonably.

What do you think is the reason why people work together rather than argue and fight passionately? Of course cooperation and solidarity.

E. Conditioning

You are more likely to like something or someone else with whom you love.

So you have a charismatic person who you consider yourself a role model. You love and respect this person. Now, you begin to feel an inward love and admiration for many things, from the suit this person wears to the car he rides.

If we put it more clearly; You also like the things your loved one likes.
Let's say you love Cristiano Ronaldo like crazy. When you buy shampoo, you are much more likely to buy Clear brand shampoo instead of Pantene because Ronaldo is playing in the Clear advertisement.

There is a perfume you like very much. You have been using the same perfume fondly for years. If a person you just met uses the same perfume, you want to get to know this person better.

There may be positive as well as negative conditioning.

You may be doing your best to rule out the possibility of meeting with someone who gave you bad news. You may want not to come face to face with this person.

In addition to conditioning, association is also an effective method of "self-love".

This is why beautiful women are used in automobile advertisements. That is why the sports theme gains weight in advertisements during the Olympics. So you can sell and endear other things to people based on something that people already love or know.


It is easier for the people we love to persuade us. If your employees love you, you will be more effective on them, and you will get your word easier to hear.

If your employees love each other, they achieve better teamwork. Again, if your employees associate their work with something they love, they will enjoy it more.

In order to establish all these;
Do not neglect to compliment your employees.
Provide the necessary opportunities for your employees to get to know each other closely.
Let your employees work together towards a common goal.
We spend at least 40 hours a week at work. For this reason, loving your job, colleagues and office is a very important issue.