What is the 90/90/1 Rule of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma?

90/90/1 Rule in business life. Robin Sharma, who made a big impression with his book The Wise Who Sold His Ferrari in the 2000s, has a rule put forward in this regard: The 90/90/1 Rule

What is the 90/90/1 Rule of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma?

A great business idea has definitely come to mind. A business idea that can fundamentally change your life, make a significant impact on people's lives and earn you millions.

However, you were inactive in bringing this idea to life. You could but you didn't. This is something that happens to all of us, don't worry.

Most of the time, we cannot go after the bright ideas that come to mind because of the various problems and occupations in our lives.

Here at least we can state the following: If you get a solid momentum and put your night into your day, let's once again state that there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Robin Sharma, who made a big impression with his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari in the 2000s, has a rule put forward in this regard: The 90/90/1 Rule ...

Now let's see how this rule has to do with being successful.

The Time To Earn A New Habit Is 66 Days!

It is thought that it takes 21 days to gain habit, to get used to something. This idea was first proposed by plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz in the 1950s. Maltz said that his patients who underwent surgery needed 21 days to get used to their new faces.

In 1960, Dr. Maxwell Maltz published a book called "Pscyho Cybernetics", which sold more than 30 million copies. As we said in this book, the necessary things to gain habit and the importance of 21 days were mentioned.

However, according to a study prepared by Philippa Lally and colleagues from the department of health psychology at the City University of London, the time required for a new habit to become automatic was specified as 66 days.

In Lally's study, people were monitored for 12 weeks and examined how habits such as "drinking 1 liter of water after eating" and "walking for half an hour before dinner" were examined.

The time required to acquire hard habits took longer than 66 days, and easy habits took less than 66 days. However, it was revealed that it takes an average of 66 days to gain a new habit.

What is the 90/90/1 Rule?

In other words, we can say that the idea that 66 days is required to become a habit in the world of science is dominant. This means that in order to keep an action permanent in your life, you need to be patient for at least 2 months to pursue a goal.

At this point, self-improvement expert Robin Sharma, who we know from the book The Wise Who Sold His Ferrari, puts forward a rule called 90/90/1.

Sharma explains this rule as follows:

“Focus on the project you care about most for 90 minutes every day for 90 days. This could be developing a new product, working on the idea of ​​a website that could rival Facebook. I don't know your main goal, but work on this masterpiece for 90 days. "

So first of all, clearly define what you want to achieve. This could be a career goal, a weight loss goal, a money saving goal.

Then apply the 90/90/1 rule.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, exercise for 90 minutes for 90 days.

If your goal is to start a blog, produce content for your blog for 90 minutes every day for 90 days. If you create content for your blog for 90 minutes for 90 days, you will devote 135 hours to this job, which is quite enough for your website to gain great momentum.

Do not bother with anything else during those 90 minutes. Do not enter Instagram or news sites. Just focus on your main goal. If possible, lock yourself in the room or try to be alone in the room. Dedicate your full concentration to this job.

If you concentrate on one goal for 1.5 hours every day for 90 days, the result you will get will fascinate you.

Robin Sharma says:

“Work on your main goal for 90 minutes every day for 90 days, free from technology and distractions. Optimize and try to improve this project every day. The most fundamental characteristic of a genius, or the only common feature of all geniuses, is that they work for long periods of time alone on the project they care about most. "

Thanks to the 90/90/1 Rule, you begin to specialize in what you want to achieve; Your skills become sharper in the subject you focus on. After 90 days, your life does not change like day and night, but you gain a firm will and indestructible motivation.

What to Do If 90 Minutes Are Long?

You don't have to think of this rule as 90/90/1. It is also appropriate to work for 50 minutes on a single project for 50 days. The important thing is to gain a certain discipline.

However, we recommend that you stick to the 90/90/1 rule. Wake up 1.5 hours early every day and work on this project. At this point, it should not be surprising that the most successful and richest people in the world get up at 5.30 in the morning. You can visibly feel the difference of 1.5 hours of work in the quietest hours of the morning without interruption, distraction.

So why does the 90/90/1 rule matter? He Says;

I teach this rule at Titan Academy. There are other methods I taught, but for now we will only focus on the 90/90/1 rule.

For 90 days, devote 90 minutes to a single project. Again, for 90 days, devote the first 1.5 hours of your work to the work you care about most.

This will be a game-changing movement. Maybe you will be busy writing code that will revolutionize the internet world. Maybe you will develop a brand new product that no company currently offers. I don't know your game changer project, but during these 1.5 hours you will write your own poem. You will start developing the work of your life in this 90 days.

95% of people put forward various excuses for their failures and ordinary life. Because these people do nothing to achieve extraordinary results. They spend their most productive hours watching cat videos.

They spend their most productive, best hours aimlessly browsing the web, checking notifications on Twitter, talking to friends who don't really add anything to them.

Because these people are bored and they are busy with random things to distract them. Because unexpressed things accumulate under consciousness after a while and disturb the person. Rather than being idle, they feel obliged to engage in something that is pointless and unnecessary. Talking about deer, surfing the internet, watching funny cat videos have become a kind of drug. They try to secrete serotonin thanks to these things that feel good even for a short time.

I am trying to say this: If you are not extremely careful, you will fall into the net of many distractions and continue to belong to the 95% group. However, the 5% group has a very different style. You too have to be willing to do things that the 95% group doesn't want to do. One of them is to get rid of distraction.

You should transfer the platinum-valued clocks you are most productive to to the things you care about most. This is usually the time between 5 am and 9 am. Your morning energy and concentration is high and your mind is clear.

For 90 days, spend the first 90 minutes of the day working on your important project. Do not let anything disturb you during this time. Turn off the phone, put a "Do not disturb" note on your door and be alone for 90 minutes. Your friends and family may find it odd, but tell them: "Don't bother me, ask anything, don't say anything for 90 minutes every morning for 90 days." say for example. Optimize this project a little more every day, dedicate all your energy to this job for 90 minutes.

The common feature of the people we know as geniuses is that they focus on one job for a long time on their own. This is how Einstein achieved success. This is how Jean-Michel Basquiat put forth his works of art.

If you integrate the 90/90/1 rule into your life, you will notice that your productivity, efficiency and creativity have increased exponentially. You will reach a superior mental structure than your competitors. In a sense, you will have people's mindset.

This new mindset will allow you to make wonderful contributions to your business, career and private life. Remember that leadership is built on two things: personal growth and helping as many people as possible. The 90/90/1 policy will give you these features.