Stress and Burnout Caused by Bad Leaders in the Workplace

There is no more effective recipe than taking Precaution for Stress and Burnout. Firing an awful person is much more profitable than hiring someone great. Flexibility can cause bad leaders to hide themselves.

Stress and Burnout Caused by Bad Leaders in the Workplace

When it comes to working conditions, humanity has come a long way in the last 100 years. Moreover, this situation is valid for every part of the world. The global unemployment rate started to decline after the crisis in 2008. Technological developments have created many new employment areas. In other words, technology has produced more job opportunities than the number of jobs it destroyed.

We do not claim that the environment is rosy. Even today, there are call centers that do not have windows and factories where carcinogenic conditions are rife. However, if we look at it from the point of view of human history, we can say that working conditions are better and more developed today than in any age.

Today, employees also want to benefit from the satisfaction offered to customers. In other words, professions that are not respectable are no longer in demand even if they have a good salary. People want meaning and purpose in their work. They want to perform professions that fit their personality.

People want flexibility, a decent income, and work in jobs where they can show themselves and put their creativity into action. Big companies are aware of this expectation and struggle to attract the best people in the market.

On the other hand, there is another issue that has not been recognized enough: the concept of burnout, which we can call exhaustion, excessive stress, work fatigue, and mental fatigue.

Today, it is stated that the economy suffers 300 billion dollars annually due to workplace stress in the USA alone. In other words, the increase in people's absentee days, low productivity, and legal and medical bills totaling 300 billion dollars.

Of course, there are many studies on this work fatigue and stress. These studies include extreme fatigue and stress; He points to one of the main causes of situations such as workplace accidents, injuries, drug and alcohol addiction.

These situations are seen even in the world's largest and most popular companies. When we look at the general picture, we see that these negative situations are caused by "bad leadership and bad management". From a theoretical point of view, leaders protect the people who follow them, prevent them from experiencing stress, and support them in difficult times. But when we look at reality, we see that leaders themselves cause fear and stress.

Millions of employees around the world suffer from bad leadership. Bad leadership underlies most of the things, such as alienation from work, stress, depression, and deterioration in mental and physical health.

The abusive actions of the rulers play a major role in this. Generally, the manager takes the pain of his incompetence from his team and demoralizes his employees. Without any technical knowledge, it criticizes the performances of the employees without any context, and ignores the opinions and suggestions of the employees. These traits are the traits of a bad leader.

If companies and organizations (and even governments) want to improve the performance of their employees, they must first develop their own leadership. This alone is enough to reduce stress in the workplace.

In this context, we need to look at some of the things leaders need to do to reduce stress in the workplace.

There is no more effective prescription than prevention

It is easier to predict our behavior than to change them. Research shows that the likelihood of a leader being a source of stress can be predicted based on scientific and data. In other words, there is no explanation for hiring a manager who constantly makes his team unhappy and practices mobbing so much that they don't come to work. Moreover, it is very difficult to acquire these qualities afterwards to those who do not have feelings of kindness, compassion, and justice in their creation.

In this respect, companies should pay great attention to candidates applying for leadership and managerial positions. Their current potential should be looked at rather than their past performance.

Does it have the right expertise?
Curious and intelligent?
Can he learn quickly?
Emotionally intelligent?
Is he self-aware?
With the help of scientific evaluation techniques, it is of great importance to identify the characteristics that a leader should have and bring the most suitable people to the leadership position.

Firing a terrible job is much more profitable than hiring someone great

According to a study conducted at Harvard Business School, firing a toxic and bad manager is twice as profitable as hiring a successful and good manager. Because the negativity caused by this bad manager spreads faster than the positive things. Corporate culture suffers greatly from this bad manager.

In this regard, companies should pay attention not only to the strengths of the leaders but also to their potential weaknesses.

Does this person have bad habits?
Are there any signs of a dark and evil person in you?

Questions like these should be investigated. According to the research we mentioned above, a benign leader candidate with an above-average talent benefits more than a malignant and extremely talented leader candidate.

Boring is generally good

Even when people experience stress from different issues, one of the biggest stresses is uncertainty.

Boring managers often cause less stress to their teams. Cool, charismatic managers, on the other hand, do not know what to do and cause more stress on employees.

In this respect, companies should not act on the basis of short-term interactions (such as job interviews) when determining leaders and managers. In a job interview, the way a person is impressive and performs well says little about that person's leadership qualities.

Instead, information should be obtained about the style and character of the manager candidate by looking at his past jobs and references. So extra research is essential.

Resilience can cause bad leaders to disguise themselves

One of the most sought after features in business life is "flexibility". Because employees need to act flexibly to get along with a bad boss or manager.

Similarly, incompetent and bad leaders recruit highly emotional and flexible people to hide their inadequacies. In this way, even if he treats his employees badly, he still finds a scenario to justify himself.

In this respect, it is useful to recruit emotionally stable people. If you hire someone who is overly happy and cheerful instead of an analytical and honest person, it becomes very difficult to identify problems in leadership. So it's a bit like this: Reading 5-star, super-positive, and “familiar” customer reviews doesn't mean you're doing a great job. In other words, in order to determine the problem, it is necessary to look at the license of the people who say that this is a problem.

In other words, we can connect all these things to this: If companies care about the success, health and performance of their employees; not about office design, happy friday, corporate yoga training; It should try to bring a good and qualified manager to these employees.

In order to prevent people from getting unnecessary stress, it is necessary to make competent and reasonable people as managers. Finding the right person may take time, but the success rate of a company operating under the leadership of the right person will also increase significantly.