Steve Jobs' Success Secrets

What would Steve Jobs do? The way to reach the simple is through chaos. Sell dreams, not products, to people. Minimalism / Simplicity should be your focus.

Steve Jobs' Success Secrets

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple company, was a successful entrepreneur with reverence every time we hear his name and a strong wind of nostalgia that his legacy will live as long as technology reigns.

After all, no "great person" who has achieved great success has lived in vain. Because each of them has succeeded in making their mark on world history in one way or another.

1. "What would Steve Jobs do?"

Apple employees ask themselves, "What would Steve do in this situation?" they had developed a habit of asking. Jobs vehemently disagreed with this idea. He said that "today's decisions are not made on the basis of past examples." Because of this, Apple maintained its influence even after Jobs' death.

So let's give the first secret about Steve Jobs: "There is no single answer that fits every scenario, it is necessary to constantly search to find the truth."

2. The way to reach the simple is through chaos.

For some reason, we think that reaching the simple is much easier than the complex. As Einstein put it, "If you can't explain something simply, you haven't understood well enough." Is not it right? The only way to achieve simplicity or the simple is to successfully go through the "complex" stages of complexity.

So listen to Steve Jobs: "Be simple, always aim to be simple to reveal hidden perfection in the simple."

3. Sell dreams, not products, to people.

Sell your dreams, not your products or services to people. Do this in such a way that your customers will be loyal to your brand as if they were. Wasn't that what Apple did anyway? Steve Jobs had only shed light on the path to our dreams. Simply put, each of us believed him. Instead of pressuring his customers to buy Apple products, he empowered them with the flawless and personalized technology he offered.

This is Steve Jobs' secret: “Change the customer's perspective. You should make your brand as personal as possible. "

4. Minimalism / Simplicity should be your focus.

Minimalism is a fresh habit that has been on the agenda quite a lot lately. Jobs was also a staunch advocate of minimalism. Well, did you know that all Apple products are sold without a manual and with minimal packaging? Jobs believed in the power of simplicity and the minimal, and he reflected this power on every product of the business, and he was successful in that.
According to Jobs, the secret to happiness was not always seeking, but knowing how to settle for less.

5. Strengthen social status.

Just as people use money to buy goods or services, they also use "social currencies" that form the basis of social status to achieve the positive impression they desire among their families, friends and colleagues. So you should take advantage of the dynamics that will give them a concrete status.

As Steve Jobs said: "Make people feel good, they will follow you."

6. Focus behind the scenes, not what is seen.

Ignoring the visible, focusing on the unthinkable, underpins Apple's and Steve Jobs' success: According to Apple, every “yes” has a thousand “no's” hidden behind the scenes: “It simplifies, perfects, and every product we create We start over until we make life better. This is exactly how we sign our work. “Random choices are much more obvious, but great choices always take time. You can only achieve the perfect one after you get rid of many other options.

"Say" NO "for every" YES "you hear until you get the result you want. This will prevent you from accepting the apparent as it is. You should avoid obvious choices and get rid of mediocrity. "

7. Focus on delivering value.

Any purchase that offers something of value means you'll earn a significant amount of money. Steve Jobs knew this fact well. Think of any Apple product, its value propositions never run out. So much so that during your use iTunes, software updates, free trials, etc. You continue to receive value propositions in different forms. So, you will never regret purchasing an Apple product because your product will not lose value over its lifetime.

So “Be indispensable and offer value. People will follow you. You have to make sure that they do this behavior on a habit, not as an outcome of a strategy. "

8. Give importance to design and aesthetics.

Design matters. Even the quality of the design environment determines the quality of life. Jobs believed this. From this it will be constantly “Design is not just what is seen or felt. The design also reveals how something works. " he said. Remember, beauty is also a promise of goodness, it encourages us people to reveal our good side.

“Good design helps us to be the best version of ourselves. Strive for it. "