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If you want to start your own business, you will first need capital to invest. However, the required investment amounts will also vary according to the sectors. There are jobs that require very large investments as well as jobs that can be done without capital or with small capital. We have written business ideas that you can do for you.

Starting a Successful Business

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I Want to Start My Own Business What Can I Do?
If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, have a little knowledge besides your interest in trade, if you have set aside an amount to invest and want to start my own business, you are at the right place. Trading is not an easy task. Sitting in the boss seat costs money. First of all, you must have money to invest. It would not be right to give an amount.
The cost depends on the job you will do. However, if you are a graduate of a vocational high school or have a mastership certificate, you can establish your business with a workplace and mastership certificates.
But there is also a mass of people who are thrown into business from scratch and think about what job to do. After deciding on the business idea, it is time for your workplace to be located, that is, to provide the necessary equipment. There is also a legal procedure after you physically establish your business. To know these legal issues, you can go to the relevant institutions and find out what they want and what you need to do.

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Best Business İdeas to Start

1. Dropshipping

Do you want to sell items online but don't have money to buy and store inventory? Consider dropshipping! Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where you don't have to manage any physical product. All you have to do is set up an online store and partner with suppliers ready to store, pack and ship your orders to your customers. What's more, you don't need to spend hours researching products because you can use dropshipping apps like Oberlo to find awesome products to sell. If you're looking for online business ideas that are easy to follow, dropshipping can be a good option for you.

2. Translation

Multilingual people are always in demand, so if you can speak two or more languages, consider starting a small business where you can monetize those skills. You can start looking for customers on websites like Upwork and Flexjobs and build your portfolio slowly. As you work successfully with more and more companies, you can hire more translators who specialize in other languages ​​to expand your service offerings. It's also a good idea to market your business on social media websites as it can help you reach a wider audience.

3. Home Cooking

If you have a knack for cooking and see it as a creative outlet, you can earn a decent income by opening a home-based catering business. The initial investment depends on how big you want the setup to be. For example, if you start with smaller activities that you can manage on your own, you can start your business for less money. Most home-based catering companies start by creating a website, experimenting with local food markets, or joining platforms that allow cooking professionals to squeeze some gains from their culinary skills.

Best Business to Start

4. Virtual Assistant

One of the most successful business ideas is to offer virtual assistant services. Everyone, from big businesses to solo coaches, needs help with the day-to-day management of their business. You can use your excellent organizational skills to get some weight off your shoulders. Of course, you get paid for the time and effort you put into answering emails, scheduling meetings, and performing other administrative tasks. You can download your first few clients by responding to listings on platforms like FreeUp, PeoplePerHour or Virtual Assistant Jobs. This is a proven business model, as people are always looking for efficient virtual assistants.

5. Website Translation

Website flipping is among the new business ideas that excite everyone from home business to new graduates. It involves buying an already working website, improving its design and content, and then selling it for a profit. There are several places where you can buy and sell websites for profit. For example, Shopify's marketplace Exchange allows you to purchase e-commerce websites that you can develop further through content marketing, SEO and other tactics. When your site starts generating more revenue than you earned it, you can list it for sale in the marketplace.

6. Personal Shopping

Do you often get praise for fashion trends? Are you someone your friends and family come to for clothing advice? Personal shopping can be a job based on these skills. Personal shoppers find clothes for customers who find it difficult to find their personal style. Tasks include evaluating your customer's wardrobe, visiting websites, and choosing items to suit them. All types of online clothing boutiques have all kinds of products, so you don't have to shop offline to get this business started. Also, you don't need to hold any special certification or degree to be a personal client. If your interests lie in low investment business ideas, personal shopping can be the ideal way to think.

7. Online Tutoring

If you are an expert in art, math or anything else, you can start an online tutoring business. A basic prerequisite is to have a bachelor's degree in the subject you want to teach, so make sure you cover this area before you start. You can find online tutoring clients on sites like Top Tutoring and For best results, always teach topics related to your area of ​​expertise, because you can share your skills and constructive knowledge to improve your learning experience. You can teach classes and interact with your students on Skype, making online classes one of the easiest online businesses to start with.

8. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are always stylish, so if you have a good eye for design or just love to showcase your work of art on your physical items, this is one of the best creative business ideas for you. Before you start looking for customers, you need to have a few designs ready to use. Tools like Photoshop and Canva make it easy to create custom card designs. Additionally, you need to stock up on the necessary materials to create greeting cards (ink, paper, etc.). Here's a pro tip: if you want to keep costs down, buy your supplies from a wholesaler. After sorting the inventory, start generating revenue by marketing your business on Facebook, Etsy, and other similar platforms.

9. Content Writing

Almost every company with an internet presence has product pages, blogs, etc. Needs help with content creation. Therefore, starting a content writing or copywriting company can be one of the most profitable business ideas for you. Popular websites for finding those first few clients include, Problogger Jobs, and BloggingPro. You can also join content writing groups on Facebook to promote your business to a wider audience. There are many ways to make a good impression on customers by offering keyword optimization or custom graphics as part of your services.

10. WordPress Support

Many websites are hosted on WordPress and almost every WordPress website owner requires support in form. So, if you are familiar with the inputs and outputs of this platform, you will have several opportunities to make money. Customers can contact you to fix their CSS, find and fix vulnerabilities, and more. You can use platforms like PeoplePerHour and Upwork to get your first customers. We recommend that you create a custom website and list your services here. This way, you can avoid high commissions and build high quality relationships with your customers.

11. Career Coaching

With rising unemployment and a saturated job market, there is no shortage of people who need help finding a job. If you have the ability to help your friends and family find suitable employment, you can probably help others too. Consider starting a career coaching job where you help others understand what career is best for them, how to nail an interview, what traits define a good candidate, and more. You can search for clients in Facebook groups or platforms like The best thing about this business is that you can make money by doing sessions of 4-5 hours a month. You can also coach multiple clients in a single session. If you're looking for business ideas that won't fill your time, career coaching might be the right option for you.

12. Email Marketing

Are you good at writing emails? Did you crack the code to prepare subject lines that people can't help but click? If so, you can start entrepreneurship and earn money by starting an email marketing business. You can find companies that need help with email strategies on platforms such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork, and through cold access. When you demonstrate your ability to persuade buyers, customers will rush to get your services and even accept the price you offer (important brownie spots if you can help grow their email lists) Start-up costs include investing in email marketing tools that will automate most of your tasks.

13. Food you want to go

Seriously, the line of people struggling to find time to cook nutritious and healthy meals has no end. This has increased from food to businesses offering all kinds of culinary options. You can take advantage of this trend by preparing your own meals right in your city, state or neighborhood. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to invest in designing a large commercial kitchen. You can also manage a business where you can dine from a shared rented kitchen. These places are usually equipped with all necessary materials and can be rented by month, day or hour. You can find shared, licensed kitchens through websites like The Kitchen Door.

14. Website Test

Did you know that brands with digital footprints hire natural people to give feedback on their websites? Ideas allow their developers to address issues that cannot be identified. You can hire a freelance group of people and create your own website testing company. During projects, your employees receive a series of questions to answer as they navigate a company's website. Through the video, they will gather their initial thoughts on the current user experience and how the site could be improved. You can find jobs through websites like UserTesting, Ferpection, and TryMyUI.

15. SEO

Do you have experience generating backlinks and improving a website's search engine visibility? If your answer is yes, there is an opportunity to invest money in your skill set. Site owners worldwide require the services of SEO experts, so opening a business in this field can be one of your best decisions. When looking for customers, focus on a nice audience, learn from experiences and build your portfolio - showcase your success stories and if your SEO techniques are in place, you have to see the flow of customers. You can choose to target any type of company or appeal to businesses in a specific area such as the legal, healthcare or financial sector.

16. Application Development

Application development is one of the best small profitable business ideas because many companies need an application. Not to mention, the cost of launching this initiative has decreased significantly due to the growth of tools and affordable developers. Today, you can use software like OmniGraffle, Sketch, and CoreAnimator to create wireframes and mockups before you decide to release the app. Alternatively, you can hire a freelance app developer through sites like AngelList and Upwork. There is also the opportunity to generate passive income by creating applications for consumers. Of course, this depends on developing a money-making strategy that generates recurring income. Good strategies include in-app purchase offers and pricing for the premium version of your app.

17. Stock Photographer

If you have the ability to capture great intimate moments or have recently shot a portrait of your relative, you can become a stock photographer by registering a single property under your name. Companies like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and similar images are always on hand in search of tempting. You can start by listing a few of your current photos on these platforms. After submitting your photos, wait for users to download them. Most stock photo sites pay you a royalty for every download on their platform. Another option is to start your own photo website and sell the images directly to people; this is only applicable if you have the resources to invest in marketing.

18. Virtual Dance Studio

The exits of a virtual dance studio are pretty obvious: you don't need to rent a large space, and it's convenient to record, publish and share the choreography at your own discretion. Also, there is no limit to the number of students you can enroll in your class. To start a virtual dance studio, you need to invest in video conferencing software like Zoom. You will also need high speed internet to ensure there is no lag or buffering while streaming. Make sure you arrange enough lessons per month for your students to learn their routines quickly. If you are passionate about creating your own unique choreography, you may also find opportunities to partner with dance schools to give students access to your content on a membership basis.

19. Optional Printing

If you're looking for successful business ideas to execute, try printing on demand. This is when you sell your own custom designs on items like phone cases, mugs, and t-shirts but don't actually print the picture. Instead, you collaborate with suppliers who have your design printed on the product - even packaging and shipping the product to your customers so you don't have to worry about logistics. Also, you only pay after selling the products. One of the fastest ways to get started is to create a Shopify store and install a POD app like Printify. In terms of marketing, partnering with influencers to promote your POD items is an effective way to reach an audience.

20. Instagram Consulting

Consider becoming an Instagram consultant if you know the secrets to increasing engagement on Instagram. Customers pay you for creating engaging captions, responding to reviews, compelling biographies, and more. You can earn money from these services by paying a set fee per hour or by the project. This is the perfect business idea for digital nomads, as everything can be managed from a smartphone. To become a wanted Instagram advisor, master the ability to create killer Instagram ads that allow people to transform and buy businesses. You can get your first customers by marketing your business on Upwork and other social media platforms.

21. Opening a Car Wash

If you find an empty shop or a sub-sale business, especially in industrial areas, do not miss it. While it may seem simple, you can make a lot of money by doing a car wash business. Those who bring their car to service will definitely prefer you for internal cleaning and external washing. Cars are very important, especially for gentlemen. Be careful not to leave a single grain of dust. If they are satisfied, they will keep you running. Also, pay attention to your relationships with your customers. You can make the time they wait fun by offering them tea and coffee.

22. Open Buffet

Of all the business ideas, opening the buffet sounds the best. Don't say what the tiny buffet will bring. If you examine the buffet ads for sale, you will understand much better what I mean. Especially in big cities, there are kiosks that are known by everyone and have many customer circles. If you open a buffet at bus terminals, ferry ports, train stations, that is, at points where there is a lot of human circulation, you will earn a lot of money. However, do not buy buffets and delicatessen at low prices. Buffet owners who do not have a customer environment and cannot make profit sell their businesses for a small amount. There are also certain conditions during the establishment phase.

23. Mushroom Farming

Mushroom cultivation is among the most profitable jobs of recent times. In particular, our citizens, who do not have money to invest, grow mushrooms in tents or suitable parts of their homes. A kilogram of oyster mushrooms is sold for $ 10, and that of cultivated mushrooms for $ 6. All that is needed is mushroom compost, heat and light. In addition, if you make an agreement with some companies, you will be sent mushroom composts.

24. Opening a Petshop

If you love animals and want to be the boss of my own business, this job is for you. You can start the activity by buying the animals you will sell, renting a shop and obtaining a license from the municipality. You will need to take care of the animals. For example, if you sell fish, you must constantly change their water and feed. If you sell pets, you can buy their vaccinations etc. You must have it done.

25. Domain Sales

Those who know a little bit in the IT sector know the word meaning of the domain. Domain means domain name. In other words, the name of the site is defined as domain with the extension on the websites. Business sectors can now be done physically as well as there are many jobs that can be done over the internet. Extensions such as .com .net in particular are sold for large amounts. With a little forward thinking, you will greatly benefit from taking names that may become popular in the future. Because you will kind of invest in the future. All you need to do is to do the necessary research and make predictions about the domain names that may be popular. You can sell the domain name you bought for $ 10 for $ 1000.

If you want to open a business but do not know the steps to take, here are 10 things you need to do to open a business.

1. Capital to Open a Business

The most basic condition that those who set out with the idea of ​​starting a new business should have is capital. You will have the opportunity to establish your dream business as a result of an accumulation or by using bank credit supports. Before you get an income, you should start your journey after that by making a good cost calculation. The capital requirement may correspond to separate figures according to the type of business.

2. Location Detection

To open a business, you must first find a store that complies with certain rules and is suitable for the sector you will be doing. Entrepreneurs who want to establish a food products business must follow a number of rules. The water and electricity installation in the place to be opened must be without problems, and the building use permit must be obtained. One of the essentials in food and beverage businesses is the sink. Requirements for businesses that will provide non-food product service are less. The location of the place can be a very vital issue, and in appropriate conditions, spaces can provide a serious return on investment.

3. Production Equipment Supply

When it comes to production equipment, it means all of the materials you will offer to the customer, from storage to preparation and even presentation. For an operator considering opening a pastry shop, cold storage cabinets, ice cream machines, mixers, choppers, display cabinets and hand tools are all mentioned as production equipment. Most of the production equipment that occupies more space in food businesses is located in the kitchen area. When choosing equipment, equipment with long life, after-sales support, guaranteed spare parts supply, quality certificates should be selected, and correct equipment choices can reduce equipment costs in the long run.

4. Cost Calculation

The investment you have made to open a business must return to you over time. When opening a food business, the arrival price of the raw materials entering the kitchen and the electricity and water expenses used in the preparation phase should be calculated by adding the manpower, which is the most important cost item, to the expense table, as well as withholding and other tax items.

5. The Product Range Should Be Created

When it comes to product range, the product range of a restaurant means the menu of that restaurant, a wide-ranging menu should be prepared that gives detailed information about the services provided by the restaurant, and the requests of the customers should be responded to in the best way.

6. Promotion and Advertising

After completing all the equipment and procedures that should be in the business, you need to reach people through a field where you will be promoting their products. For small businesses, there are advertising options such as flyer roadside sign, magnet. Among these, you need to present your products to the public with the slogan that best reflects you.

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