Start a small business post coronavirus

Let's look at the radical changes that will occur in existing sectors due to the coronavirus and the sectors that will increase in importance. The best small business ideas

Start a small business post coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been and continues to hit both health and the economy more heavily than we have ever witnessed before.

The change in consumer behavior deeply affects all industries and all companies. The short-term change in people's shopping and spending habits due to the pandemic seems to lead to the emergence of deep-rooted and permanent business models in economic life and the growth of new sectors.

Just as we call the post-coronavirus period "the new normal", we can say that we will see many innovations in our lives from now on. Businesses that can produce solutions for the global epidemic and respond to new consumer habits will survive in this process.

In this respect, let's look at the radical changes that will occur in existing sectors due to the coronavirus and the sectors that will increase in importance.

1. Online Health

Online health is a field that brings professional health services to people's homes. In other words, people can now have doctor examinations by Skype conversations with physicians in their living rooms. Health information of patients will be transmitted to hospitals instantly with smart medical devices.

In the USA alone, the number of people benefiting from online health services has increased by 40% since December 2019.

The telehealth sector, which has elements such as artificial intelligence-supported live chat lines and medical support services, has proven its age, especially in the coronavirus process.

In this respect, it is possible to say in advance that there are many opportunities in new business ideas focused on increasing the quality of online health services and reducing their costs.

2. Drug & Vaccine Development and Digital Health

Drug and vaccine development studies against coronavirus continue at full speed, but many experts state that the vaccine will become available in 2022 at the earliest.

The digital health firm called Opitmizex communicates new developments and warnings about Covid-19 to healthcare professionals with its cloud-based system. US-based biotech firm Moderna uses Amazon's cloud computing service to communicate between US healthcare organizations and accelerate vaccine development.

In other words, digital health companies and pharmaceutical companies act together in this process and spend a lot of effort in vaccine development studies.

In other words, the digital health field is also very open to new business ideas.

3. Online Education

Many countries around the world have been providing distance education since March 2020. Until 2021, many educational institutions from primary school to university will continue distance education, including our country.

This shows that online and digital education tools will be very important in the upcoming period. For example, this change in the education system has increased the interest in new teaching management software.
We just point to this area where there are attractive opportunities. When it comes to online education and distance education, you should examine the current situation and identify the missing and need for improvement areas. There is no reason why a software that will solve the problems of students and educators in this field should not make billions of dollars in a short time.

4. Manufacturing Industry

Different reactions against Covid-19 were shown in the manufacturing industry. Some industries have opted to reduce production, some increased production and tried to meet the increasing demand by using new technologies.

Beer and wine producers were able to move flexibly enough to produce disinfectants in a short time. Automobile companies started to produce respirators and textile companies started to produce masks. This flexibility has opened the door to many collaborations and opportunities.

Companies use digital technologies in order to respond to changing demands. Artificial intelligence and big data are used to predict the state of the world after the pandemic.

In other words, no matter what field of the manufacturing industry you operate in, you should switch to a flexible working method in the post-pandemic and pandemic period and integrate the benefits of technology more into your activities.

5. E-Commerce

The coronavirus has also deeply shaken their shopping practices. Ordering online instead of going to the store has become very important in terms of public and individual health. According to a study conducted in May 2020, there was an increase of 110% in fruit and vegetable orders worldwide.

As the demand for online shopping is increasing, e-commerce sites have also been subjected to a test they have never encountered before in meeting customer demands. Various difficulties were encountered in processes such as inventory management, customer service and delivery.

Therefore, you can catch deficits in the field of inventory management, fast delivery, hygiene in the field of e-commerce, and you can get a solid place in the new e-commerce order.

6. Online Payment

The World Health Organization recommends contactless payment instead of contact. There are millions of people who turn on the contactless feature of their credit cards due to the pandemic. Therefore, contactless and hygienic payment methods also offer good opportunities in the next period.

Online payment platforms now offer more options and solutions. Online payment methods are made easy, regardless of people's financial and educational backgrounds. Software and applications that offer multiple payment opportunities to cover different types of shopping will benefit from the post-pandemic process.

7. Delivery, Logistics and Cargo

COVID-19 is also transforming the delivery, logistics and shipping industries. Food delivery companies are adding more restaurants to their organizations. Restaurants that do not enter Yemeksepeti now feel obliged to enter this platform. There are many companies that are trying to deliver food with a drone. Companies such as Wings, UPS, Zipline and Uber are also experimenting with drone delivery of drugs and supplies.

The use of drones is currently in the trial phase due to the inherent difficulties, legal limitations and operation models of the process. However, we can easily say that drones will gain more place in our lives by overcoming technical, legal and social obstacles.

8. Marketing

Although marketing may seem like an extra expense for companies during the pandemic period, the truth is not. Data-driven marketing approaches seem like the only viable way to make sense of the changing economic order and consumer behavior. According to a report dated April 2020, the marketing budgets of companies making corporate sales will increase or decrease slightly by the end of 2020.

People are more careful when shopping and try not to buy things that are not urgent. Due to the confusion, people tend to accumulate more because of the pandemic. In this respect, the retail industry is trying to find innovative solutions and methods that will increase the customer experience and make people overcome this timidity.

We can say that artificial intelligence-supported chatbots have a bright future in marketing and e-commerce, especially with the transfer of communication to the online environment.

9. Computer Games and Publishing

The video game industry has been relatively less affected by the pandemic. Players have a tendency to devote more time to less games. This highlighted the method of generating income from the active user base through subscription instead of developing and selling a single game in the game industry.

The games offered to users through mobile and cloud computing platforms made it easier to play on multiple screens; It began removing the requirement of having an expensive computer system for gaming. Small games offered for free have become competitive with games released by large companies with the in-game purchase income model.
Even if the pandemic is over, we can say that there are bright opportunities in mobile game development, considering that people's habits of spending time at home will be somewhat permanent.

10. Fitness

The pandemic shook sports halls terribly. As people avoid crowded places, the demand for gyms has decreased. Of course, there is a lot of difference between working with an instructor in the gym and watching videos on Youtube; However, the industry seems to have no choice but to switch to digital.

Fitness and gyms are currently geared towards selling their equipment and online training videos.

A fitness and sports application that will make people love doing sports at home can achieve serious success in the pandemic and post-pandemic period.