What is shiny object syndrome?

What are the Symptoms? How to Take Advantage of This Syndrome? This syndrome is particularly common to entrepreneurs. If you can keep this situation under your control, you will benefit, but if you stay under the influence of this syndrome, you will lose control.

What is shiny object syndrome?

One day you saw a brand with a new marketing strategy. You did research about this brand and strategy and you put this strategy into practice. However, after a while, another strategy caught your attention, this time. This time you have decided to adopt that strategy.

Then a new technology came out and you decided to apply this technology in your company.

Sounds familiar, isn't such a strategy? To try to implement every new development ...

The desire to constantly pay attention to innovations and the best technologies is called the "shiny object syndrome".

Good thing to keep up with innovations and trends, we can say to this shiny object syndrom.

But if you are not careful, showing weakness to every innovation will distract you and make your focus difficult, making you forget your company's core mission.

Shiny objects syndrome is particularly common among entrepreneurs. If you can keep this situation under your control, you will benefit, but if you stay under the influence of this syndrome, you will lose control.

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

Entrepreneur Brian Casel says: “Shiny Object syndrome should be seen as a natural by-product of an entrepreneurial career. "Shining-objects syndrome, based on the idea that there are always new ideas and opportunities to pursue, means embracing innovation at the expense of your current business."

When we look at the name of Shiny Object syndrome, we can say that it comes from a bright, eye-catching brightness. Imagine a little boy sliding off a slide in the park, swinging on a swing, having fun. When he sees something bright at the edge of the park, the child is distracted and runs to the side of this shiny thing. In other words, this bright object scatters the concentration of the child in the park and attracts the child.

Like children, entrepreneurs often behave in a similar way. Because while one eye of the entrepreneurs is on their current business, the other eyes are shifting to new business opportunities. Especially when there is an object, idea, opportunity, strategy, technology that shines in the corner, this becomes much easier.

Shiny object Syndrome Beneficial or Harmful?

Some say shiny object syndrome is harmful to entrepreneurs, and it is useful.

Running after every new trend and running towards every bright object creates distraction, and this prevents activity. Many projects are left unfinished while running from one idea to the next.

In addition, being caught in the glowing objects syndrome in the early stages of entrepreneurship can prevent the entrepreneur from getting on the ground. It may cause the company already established to pursue other jobs without giving enough effort.

Mark Sephton, entrepreneurship consultant, says:

"Only after we develop ourselves in line with our abilities, increase our knowledge and gain respect, we should turn to a few new projects that will contribute to our current business."

So first of all, it means that after focusing on the current job and putting it on track, it means that we should turn to new things.

So what are the things that Shiny object syndrome is beneficial for?

Many people say this is at the core of entrepreneurship. It is stated to be beneficial for business growth and business development, provided you have the right approach.

Entrepreneur Brian Casel says:

“It is very important to focus on your current business and dedicate your entire assets to this business. But at the same time, it is necessary to keep up with changes and developments in the market. If you are not open to new ideas, if you do not dare to pursue them, you may find yourself crushed by the competition. You must be alert to the ideas, innovations and business models that will shape the future. So there is no use declaring Shiny object syndrome white or black. The important thing is not to stay away from developments while trying to fulfill your mission. "

What are the Symptoms of Shiny object Syndrome?

Shiny object syndrome can be harmful or beneficial in this context. So Shiny object syndrome is a gray area. This makes it difficult to recognize the symptoms of this syndrome.

Do you enjoy your creativity?
Are you having trouble focusing?
Have you left many business ideas unfinished?
Are you taking your business in the right direction? Or is your business losing blood every day?
Although it is not easy to determine which side of the line you are on, there are some symptoms of glowing objects syndrome. These symptoms can give you an idea about your current situation.

a. You Have Many Abandoned Projects
You are excited about new ideas, you are constantly pursuing new ideas, but as a result you cannot fully focus on any of them.

For example, take a look at what you have done in the last 6 months. How many projects have you completed that you started? How soon did you give up on an initially exciting idea?

Of course, you don't have to go after every idea you see in entrepreneurship. Giving up a job that does not benefit you is also among the basic rules of entrepreneurship. So wherever you turn from the damage is profit. But if you look into the past and see many unfinished attempts, this is an indication that you are not fully committed to what you do because of the shining objects syndrome.

b. You Are Constantly Changing Your Business Style
No one can say anything to you about changing the way you work to work most efficiently. However, the situation is not very good if the new tools and new techniques you adopt because they provide you with efficiency negatively affect your productivity and efficiency, and if they waste time instead of saving you time.

It is normal for entrepreneurs to be excited about new methods and new technologies. In fact, this is what it should be. But if you haven't found the most ideal method of activity, if you haven't built an ideal system that will put things on the right track, there may be shiny object syndrome.

c. You neglect the work you have to do
Let's say you are designing a website for businesses. Your main goal is to design websites for small and medium businesses. If you work 8 hours a day, you also know that you should spend at least half of this time on website design.

However, if you find yourself in front of completely different things when you go to the computer, if you turn to things other than what you need to do, your attention is distracted terribly.

If you have begun to neglect the most important aspects of your job and have other thoughts, a bright object, a different idea, a new career idea may be puzzling you.

How Can Shiny Object Syndrome Get an Advantage?

If you are experiencing at least one of the symptoms mentioned above, you may have Shiny object syndrome. In this context, if you have a constant desire for the latest technology and innovations, it is also possible to benefit from it. One should not look at the issue only from the negative side.

a. Give importance to timing

Shiny object syndrome is dangerous when you are distracted while on an important project. In this respect, you should pay attention to timing in terms of focusing on something new. It would be good to try to sign new initiatives in your remaining time after you set things right, but if your company tries to stand on its own feet, devoting your time and energy to another business, your current enterprise will suffer.

b. Review Your Logic

You may have different reasons for turning to a new venture. Maybe this new initiative will meet a more beneficial need for your customers. Perhaps this new initiative will be extremely useful to take your current business to a higher level.

So you may have logical reasons to try new things. But you have to make sure you enter this new venture to support it, not to escape your current job.

If you are pursuing a more fun idea while solving the problems in your current company, here you bury your head under the ground like an ostrich. Far from avoiding problems, you add problems to your problems.

c. Contribute to Your Current Business

This is a pretty good thing if glowing objects syndrome allows you to pursue an idea that could contribute to the business you already have. So if you are looking for new ways to improve your business, if you are looking for new methods without neglecting your business, this is wonderful.

In other words, instead of getting into a very, very difficult job of establishing two different companies and selling to two different customer groups, consider developing a product or service for your current customer base in the second business idea you go after. Glowing objects syndrome, when analyzed correctly, can make you hit two birds with one stone.

d. Understand Why Bright Objects Attract You

When you want to start a new job or add a new way to your business, stop and think: Why do I want this thing? Why does this innovation excite me? Will this thing add to my current job or prevent me from devoting enough time to it?

This new brilliant idea will make you more successful in customer service, maybe it will help you earn more. Whatever the reason, you should think about why the new idea is so attractive to you.

You should also consider whether you have the skills, knowledge and experience to pursue a new idea.

In summary, you should analyze clearly how a decision will benefit you, as in every decision made in business life. In this way, you will stay off course due to “fad” and you can move your business to a better position by integrating really useful ideas into your current business.

e. Talk to People You Trust

As an entrepreneur, you can sometimes get confused and lose your objectivity from thinking too much. In such a situation, talk to a friend whose thoughts you trust, your mentor, or your entrepreneur friend. Tell them what's on your mind. Because these people can give you good and logical advice by approaching the ideas that are spinning in your mind more distant and objective.