Secret Weapon of Successful Entrepreneur: Perseverance

Perseverance distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from others. The thing I value most about entrepreneurs is their determination. Don't run away from obstacles. Be determined and achieve success.

Secret Weapon of Successful Entrepreneur: Perseverance

Entrepreneurship is actually not as glamorous as one might think. It's not about big ideals and brilliant ideas. Especially it has nothing to do with dreams and dreams. It has nothing to do with being brave and grandiose. Actually it's not that much about innovations and even making inventions. Will you call it the pursuit of fame, fame, money? No, it has nothing to do with them either.

Entrepreneurship is more a life or death battle than anything else. It is a war between what is happening, not to wear off and not to give up. Entrepreneurship is actually about being determined, working with discipline, and not giving up until you see results. You can only say that I am an entrepreneur when you see your friends who gave up on the road, grit your teeth and be patient to the end, when you do not succumb to the obstacles and you are the last person standing on that front.

Please do not misunderstand me. Having a perspective that makes you realize what others ignore, burning with a fire to keep yourself and those around you energetic, having the strength to build and grow a business, and having an experience to make you the right decisions ... These are all things that make you an entrepreneur, yes . But what unites all these features, connects them and keeps you from giving up every newborn day is your determination. Without it, it is impossible for you to stand this pace for many years.

There is one more point that I want to draw your attention to: Successful companies have no end. Yeah, not really. Our main goal is to continue to overcome obstacles, to always increase our sales, to keep making money: forever. If reading this is startling and upsetting you a little, maybe you would love to hear that you are not alone. Continuing to turn all these balls without dropping and growing your business forever scares all entrepreneurs.

Of course, there are those who take their determination to the last point and are very attached to their work and who get up from bed with excitement and run to work with four arms, and those who embrace the chaos they fall into with four arms ... Actually, these people are real entrepreneurs: Because they do not feel obliged to tell them why they do this job every morning when they go to work. the work they do has already become a part of their self. In this article, we will mention a few points that explain how important it is to be persistent in the entrepreneurship world:

Nobody set up Google on the first day of their job

I'm sure you didn't know that Larry Page and Steven Brin were looking for investors in Silicon Valley for a long time before they got a $ 100,000 investment from Andy Bechtolsheim and they were not at all hopeful. In 1999, Google ranked 7th among search engines, only 7.8% of the market was using google. It was only years later that the venture reached massive audiences, and it took even more time to dominate the market. Long story short, Google didn't gain its worldwide popularity that we see today overnight: it was a process that took years.

Jeff Bezos' Purpose-Oriented Darwinism

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994, he may have made a glorious entry into the virtual commerce industry, but the power god that saved the Seattle-based company from the .com crisis of the nineties and overcome the 2007 mortgage crisis was not a business talent or vision. What protected the company from these devastating crises and brought it to its present day was the highly competitive and results-oriented brand culture: Bezos adapted this culture from natural selection introduced by the famous scientist Darwin and named it goal-oriented Darwinism.

Jobs: "Perseverance sets successful entrepreneurs apart"

In an interview with him in 1995, Steve Jobs said: "I think much of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is due to the perseverance of those who succeed." “Of course, this is a very difficult process, nobody can deny it,” Jobs said. He dedicates your life to your work; You spend your time, energy and effort… Sometimes you encounter obstacles and most of the people give up because of these difficult moments. I don't blame them, going through these processes is much harder than it sounds ”. Indeed, Jobs's determination was what kept Apple afloat for years, when Jobs returned to the CEO seat (in 1997) the company was about to go bankrupt.

Even more interesting was how Apple got on the stage of history: The company was originally recognized as the pioneer of the personal computer market. Mp3 players, smartphones, tablets, headphones - everything we've been using as Apple products for years, was already available when Apple stepped into these areas: but Apple did what could not be done, combining the highest standards imaginable with a superior product design, and managed to become the leading brand of the market in these products too. . The company was always trying to do the best of what it did, to be the pioneer of the industry.

Investor Fred Wilson recently published an article titled "Determination"

According to Wilson, the most admired feature among leaders was their determination. “All the successful companies I have worked with at some point in my career have gone through times when things weren't going well. Sometimes it took so long to solve problems that people started worrying that the problems would not be solved. " “Employees start to lose faith, the media don't hesitate to make brutal comments, and you, as the director of the company, have to fight it all,” Wilson continues.

Wilson did not make these up, of course… The famous financier had considerable experience in this field, Wilson only summarized what he had taught him over the years. Wilson's company is known for investing in widely recognized companies such as Twitter, Zynga, Etsy, Tumblr, Feedburner and Foursquare. Of course, all these companies reached where they are today, through difficult times.

Finally, as Wilson mentioned, it does not get easier to manage a company as the years progress, on the contrary, it becomes difficult. At this stage, your determination and self-confidence should step in and give you and your team the spark you need and the power to continue.

Indeed, what you should not forget in life and business is the fact that all these trips are long marathons, not short runs. There is no finish line, this is an ongoing journey and you have to adapt to it. In the following part of my article, we will talk about the strategies implemented by 6 successful entrepreneurs to never give up.

Building your confidence when starting a new job can be difficult: it's something you've never done before, after all, and the uncertainties are daunting. "Maybe this is not for me" or "Should I give up?" Rest assured, thoughts cross the mind of every new entrepreneur.

In this part of our article, we will talk about how 6 successful entrepreneurs remained determined and how they kept their fire alive.

1- Don't run away from obstacles

Many people claim to be entrepreneurs, but they aren't. But that's how it usually works in the entrepreneurship industry: in fact, many who lack the entrepreneurial spirit talk about how successful entrepreneurs they are.

I remember sitting in my little bedroom when I dropped out of science class in high school and decided to abandon school and become a business man. (Even then, being an entrepreneur was not such a cool career path.) I was content with whatever was going to happen to me: I was sure that I would stand out thanks to my marketing skills ...

An inner voice said to me: “I have great news for you. You are one hundred percent right, you will be very successful, they will all turn out to be wrong. " he was saying. Actually, all you need is that unwavering willpower and confidence. If you lack it, you give up at the first hurdle or the first punch you take, and your entrepreneurial career ends as it started.

When we watch a boxing match, we all think the same thing: "If I had just beaten one of these punches, I would have been knocked out by now." But remember, those boxers train for hours to deal with punches.

Entrepreneurship is just like this: If all my employees decide to quit at the same time, then I already know what to do. What if my top 10 customers give up on me… I have a B plan for that too. Is there a problem in exports? Such things do. When we first started our business, we were not importing that much anyway. As you can see, I have a plan against any obstacle I may encounter, I can deal with obstacles forever because I am a purebred, 100% entrepreneur.

Many in the entrepreneurship industry are those who start out with enthusiasm and give up at the first hurdle: if a real entrepreneur must set up a business that can deal with obstacles, like the captain of a ship that doesn't sink in storms and continues to swim. So do your best, focus on being yourself rather than normal, and follow your dreams.

2- Imitate success

If you study how the psychology of your brain works, you will see that human beings learn by imitating things. So if you expect to build self-confidence someday, let me save you time: you will likely fail. You have to seek, find and imitate success. The three most fundamental places where you can find success are autobiographies or biographies, videos and mentors who can guide you one-on-one.

While I was practicing this method myself, I read a variety of books during the day and read biography or autobiography in the evening. The fact that they were written in an everyday language rather than a technical language made it easier for me to read these kinds of books before I went to sleep at night. It gave me the inspiration I needed and the courage I needed to build solid self-confidence. It will be good for you to know that other people have walked the road you are walking before, to be able to see the end of the road and to know that it can be overcome even if it is not easy. Of course, they faced bumps, obstacles and bumps, but if they overcame these obstacles with hard work and unwavering determination, that means you can overcome them too.

Second, watching videos is the easiest way to mimic success, because the human brain is actually a structure that has evolved to mimic what it sees. Find and watch conference recordings from successful people: TED talks, billionaires giving keynote lectures, or documentaries… All of these will help you find the perseverance you need.

Finally, you can find one-on-one mentors and get support from them throughout your journey. When you encounter an obstacle, you say, "Hey, this has happened to me too, nothing to worry about, we'll get it". Their saying will give you more energy than you think. Look at the professional athletes: They all have coaches who have gone through tough roads. Find a mentor who has experienced everything. Otherwise, you will not be able to create enough determination by yourself to overcome the obstacles you encounter on this journey.

3- Be a confident leader and think big

First: if you are to be a leader, be a confident leader and trust your team that they will deliver outstanding results. When you start a business by trusting your gut feeling and following your instincts, it is more likely that karma will act in your favor: Being passionately committed to what you want to do is the first step you should take.

I have experienced this myself. There was a billion dollar global brand in front of me. It had hundreds of employees and chain branches spread over a wide area. This company was doing pretty big things in an hour, but unfortunately the way of doing things was inefficient.

Restructuring the entire organization, changing management, downsizing a little; They were what we needed to increase productivity and profit margin. It was not easy, of course. Having to fire your beloved employees, creating a constantly evolving and improving brand culture and placing this brand in high rank is indeed a difficult task.

But despite all this, I was confident in my leadership ability and supported myself with a team that would help me achieve the best results in a limited time.

Another point I would like to add: The necessity of a thinking system that does not bend with limits. Anyone you see walking down the street can start a business, but probably all these companies will collapse in two years, disappearing into the dusty pages of history.

Some people keep saying they want to be an entrepreneur, because it's a career path that sounds sophisticated. Others hate working with a boss and getting directions; entrepreneurship seems like the only solution to them. But thinking on such small scales is not enough to build a truly successful company: you have to think big.

I myself often asked young entrepreneurs who have just started the entrepreneurial path, "Why do you settle for just opening a candy store when you can build a sugar empire?" I ask. Don't just start a company: Aim to build an empire with infinite potential.

4- Impress the result

My belief in myself is powered by knowing myself: I know that I am creative, and with my experience, I can create whatever I want. You can bring your deepest desires into real life with two powerful tools:

First: knowing what the outcome will be before you even start is a much stronger source of motivation than you think. While setting goals with my clients that will guide their future, we always start by imagining what the outcome will be, and then we determine the steps that will lead us to that result. Where do you want to be in the next 7 years? Who should be, what should be done and what should you develop in order to reach this goal? Plan your path to the result you want to achieve by planning each year and each step, starting from here.

Second, believe and trust in your power to influence the outcome with thought and desire. Know what you don't want and focus on what you want rather than settle for what you have: this can start by targeting highs by saying “I want to be financially safe and free” instead of getting along with the thought “I don't want to be in debt”.

5- condition yourself for success

The biggest difference between those who are successful in their jobs and those who struggle with failures lies in their perspective on life and their belief in themselves.

Successful people love what they do by nature, and see it as a twist of life, a chance given to them. Knowing and recognizing your abilities and opportunities will break the bonds that keep you in place and help you overcome your challenges.

Of course, you cannot like a subject that you have no idea about and that you are unfamiliar with. The biggest factor that changed my life was making it a habit to write down my goals and love this little habit.

Now I write down my goals 5 times a day; and yes I have been doing this for almost 10 years! In this way, by affecting the neurological processes in my brain, I reached from a low and weak self-confidence to an unshakable self-confidence: I have conditioned myself and my mind in such a way that my brain truly believes that I am invincible.

Sit down today, start writing down your goals and don't forget to practice. After a while, you will realize that your brain is conditioned and automatically creates a better atmosphere for you. You will be more confident in yourself and your abilities, you will have the power to tell yourself the truth and you will have no doubt that you can overcome difficulties when necessary.

6- If entrepreneurship was easy, everyone would do it

Successful people have a developmental mindset. Something can be challenging, but there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with the time and effort required. Your behavior determines the quality of your success.

Through meditation and mentoring, I developed a growth mindset for myself. Meditation prevents me from making fear-based decisions by helping me get out of my brain when I feel it necessary.

Mentoring is a process that you must experience. Someone who reviews your steps and prevents you from making mistakes prevents you from losing time while protecting you from financial damage. Learning from their mistakes and avoiding repeating them will help you take bigger steps towards your goal.

Sometime in the past years, at the time of New Year's Eve, I remember that I hadn't made any profit for two months and was about to close my business… Thanks to meditation, I focused on the reason part of the business and repeatedly wondered why I wanted to be an entrepreneur: what reason was behind it. My mentor turned to me and said: "If entrepreneurship was an easy career path, everyone around you would want to be an entrepreneur." After taking a deep breath, he asked me: “You cannot be successful without suffering. Are you willing to deal with the pain and difficulties that will take you to good days, or will you give up? ” This question is still on my mind years later today.

The world doesn't owe you anything. The things you want to achieve will not be presented to you on a silver platter. If there is something you want to achieve, be prepared to deal with the obstacles you will encounter on your way there. Uncertainties, fear, panic and yes, pain. It's all part of being successful.