Questions To Ask Yourself Before Saying Yes

Don't say yes to everything. Ask some questions first. Then say yes or no. What Purpose Does It Serve? Why Am I Afraid to Say "No"? On What Other Subjects Can I Use My Time? Can I Pass This Job To Another Person?

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Saying Yes

1. What Purpose Does It Serve?

“What purpose does this serve? Does this have an advantage for me? " you should think. Will you learn anything? Will it add meaning to your life? Most of all, will I enjoy this job?
If you ask yourself these questions and give negative answers, you can skip that job, activity (whatever). So before you say "yes" to something, it is extremely important to weigh how you will benefit from that business.

2. Why Am I Afraid to Say "No"?

The main reason for still accepting the things you don't want to do is often not knowing how to say "no". The worry of hurting the other person is the main reason for not being able to say "no". But accepting a job that you don't want to do or for which you have done a mediocre job is worse than saying no.

For this reason, do not force yourself to do things that do not come from your heart and reject the offer-request within the framework of courtesy rules.

3. On What Other Subjects Can I Use My Time?

I started speaking in public at the age of 20. It was one of my favorite things in life, but the constant travel, air travel, and all the other endeavors were just for an hour of conversation. I used to go to 30-40 different conversations a year, I felt obliged to answer hundreds of emails every day.

This process has given me a lot in learning new things, gaining experience and making a name. Besides, I was doing this for free.

4. Can I Pass This Job To Another Person?

As an entrepreneur working alone, I did not have the money to hire me for the first 2 years. That's why I was trying to do everything. When things started to work out, I hired someone to help me with my business.

We can say this: You cannot go through everything alone. There are many people who are more knowledgeable and successful than you are in many subjects.

In this respect, leaving the job that needs to be done as an entrepreneur to the competent person saves you both time and energy.

5. What Is Draining My Energy?

One of the things that exploits a person's energy is constantly thinking about what others are doing. In other words, thinking about things that you cannot control will tire the human mind terribly.

Remember: the success of others, a lot of money; It does not constitute an obstacle to your success and gain. You should focus on your own business.

6. How Can I Be More Vigorous and Energetic?

This whole enlightenment process developed quite interesting. I found an owner wanted dog on the internet. Later, when I adopted that dog, I became more socialized.

Instead of sitting at home and answering e-mails, I started taking my dog ​​and going for a walk. When I wandered outside and came home, I noticed that I was feeling very energetic.

So socializing, having a vacation, having fun is not a waste of time. If you want to focus tightly on your work, be more energetic during the day and work better, you should definitely know how to take a break, distract and have fun.

Driving, for example, is also very good for me. My friends understand that I am driving from Whatsapp messages that contain crazy ideas.

So the bottom line is, you should take time for yourself, refresh your mind. Everyone has their own way of relaxation. Spending more time on the things you love to do will definitely make your time more valuable.
Identify the things that exploit your energy. Pass some of your work to the experts of that job, make a plus-minus evaluation of time-energy-money issues in your actions. Thus, you can progress more comfortably in the fields of efficiency, mental health, energy and success.