Post-Natural Disaster Sales and Marketing Strategies

Company Strategies After Natural Disasters. Post-natural disaster news channels show what happened with 24-hour live broadcasts. 48 hours after the incident, we begin to see stories of people devouring people. In other words, even if the heat of the disaster does not fully pass, the tragedy it caused begins to appear.

Post-Natural Disaster Sales and Marketing Strategies

Life goes on when life is so miserable. In other words, the sales and shopping process must continue. At such times, marketers should continue the sales process without misusing the incident. (The concept of abuse is very important here. Exploiting the weaknesses and tragedy of people is the lowest point humanity can reach in such times.)

Empathy and humanity should be the main roles. In other words, companies should be able to put themselves in people's shoes. It is very important to understand the target customer group in the post-disaster process and to learn the feelings and thoughts of people in these situations. Because in disaster situations where people are extremely emotional, sad and tense, it is necessary to move forward with a gentle style, without offending them or selling anything to them by force.

We can say in advance that customers' shopping and purchasing decisions will be deeply affected after the disaster. People focus on factors such as food and shelter that will ensure their survival after disasters. There are only survival needs of such times. For this reason, there is no time and budget to spare for luxury consumption products.

In the period after the disaster, people's computers, internet connections and televisions may be damaged. You may not be able to sell anything to people who only have access to a mobile phone. Especially if the cargo, telecommunication and logistics infrastructure are damaged, it is useful to slow down the sales and marketing processes in such cases.

During this period, you can identify the needs of your customers, listen to their problems and send them help. Such an indicator of goodwill puts your brand in a very special place in the eyes of people in the long run.

Company Strategies After Natural Disasters

Let's look at the processes that different brands have implemented after natural disasters and see what lessons we can learn from these examples.

1. Duracell

The endless battery brand Duracell distributed batteries to people affected by the disaster and recharged their mobile phones with a truck called PowerForward after Hurricane Matthew in the USA. For people in shelters and those who do not have access to electricity, this was a very welcome aid.

The company, which did the same in the typhoon in the state of Alabama, received a huge positive response on social media.

2. Verizon and AT&T

Telecommunications companies Verizon, Sprint and AT&T gave free internet and minutes to customers affected by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. In addition, companies that sent Facebook notifications as SMS made people aware of what was happening as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the disruptions experienced in our operators after the 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Istanbul on September 26, 2019 and the complete disconnection of communication went down in history as a shame for our country.

3. Best Friends Animal Society

After Hurricane Harvey, Best Friends Animal Society established shelters for pets and street animals at various points and initiated various donation campaigns.

4. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines company, which stopped selling tickets to regions where hurricane was expected, regularly shared information about what was going on and gave people clear, confusing information.


To sum up, "empathy" is the concept that should be paid attention to after a disaster. Trying to sell something to people when their homes are demolished and their loved ones are dead will damage their reputation, even if your company survives.

If the products and services you offer do not directly benefit people at that time, save your time and resources and wait for how the process will progress.

Try to contribute to the society as much as you can, lend a helping hand to people.