Myths About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are people created to be leaders. Idea is everything. Entrepreneurship is the shortest route to wealth. Success either comes quickly or never. In ventures, all the burden is on the entrepreneur's shoulder.

Myths About Entrepreneurship

Do you think success is something to be won quickly? Is entrepreneurship a shortcut where you can effortlessly climb the wealth ladder? If your answer to these questions is yes, it would be useful to stop and think. Because you are missing one possibility: The success you expect from your venture may never happen.

Entrepreneurship has a dreamlike, romantic side; The reason is obvious: we live in a capitalist society that values ​​the generation of ideas, the unlimited potential of the business world, and of course the irresistible appeal of wealth and power.

The basis of this romance is the existence of countless entrepreneurs who aspire to the success of inspiring entrepreneurs such as Paypal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and dream of living the same.

It is clear that entrepreneurship is a good thing, given its contribution to economic growth. What is most valuable for the ventures of the future is the entrepreneurship adventure itself, but this adventure does not always end with a happy ending. Most young people who can still be considered as young people find themselves at the end of the job, lamenting the fact that they have undertaken bigger things. At the root of the problem lies the well-known mistakes about entrepreneurship.

Here are 7 mistakes you know about entrepreneurship. Be careful, applying any of them can bog down your venture journey:

1) Entrepreneurs are people created to be leaders.

Don't you think some people were created to be leaders? What about those born with all the other skills required by entrepreneurship? Although it may seem like an injustice, the facts are not what you think. It would be a wrong point of view to mold entrepreneurship or to associate it with any character trait. It is possible to gain the necessary qualifications to be a successful entrepreneur. Bored or sociable, intellectual or hard worker… Whoever you are, the risk is the same if it is an entrepreneurship. So anyone with the right mindset and enough perseverance can become an entrepreneur.

2) Idea is everything.

Having a business idea with a return means you have a solid entry into the entrepreneurial world and can grab the attention of most investors. Whether you're after private investors or crowdfunders, the situation doesn't change. Such ideas also constitute the precondition for a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

However, it should not be forgotten that even the brightest idea can be disappointing if not managed well. Sometimes, a mediocre business idea can turn into a great success story with the harmony of the right hands. You see, the ideas are open to change, and this change can develop depending on many different variables. Therefore, investing only in the idea will not get you anywhere.

3) Unlimited freedom awaits you.

Many people are open to entrepreneurship because of the unlimited freedom it offers. Think about it, you set the rules. If you want, you can overthrow the 9-5 working system, work remotely, dress as you wish, and even choose your own vacation days.

But remember, it is your responsibility to make your venture profitable. This heavy responsibility comes with great sacrifices and long working hours.

4) Entrepreneurship is the shortest route to wealth.

Entrepreneurship is an important step towards wealth. Because the potential to be successful is quite high. If you get the right formula, there is no limit to the money you can earn.

However, it would be an incomplete definition to see entrepreneurship only as “wealth by shortcut”. You have found the necessary resources first to come to the point of profit; You have to solve all your money and time problems. Even if you have installed your system perfectly and thought about every detail, there is no guarantee that you will be able to act at the right time.

5) Success comes quickly or never.

One of the biggest misconceptions about entrepreneurship is to believe that successful entrepreneurs can achieve this success in just one night, even at rocket speed. However, success is a process that takes months, maybe years, and often comes at the end of an intense work and countless struggles. The low success rate in entrepreneurship also convinced entrepreneurs that success is a process that progresses with an all-or-nothing philosophy. Let's not forget though, success and failure are also famous for their opposite corners, they can come unexpectedly.

6) In initiatives, all burden is on the entrepreneur's shoulder.

Entrepreneurs are appreciated for being able to start their own businesses. They are both the visible faces of their companies and their first founders. However, no entrepreneur could have achieved this completely alone.

There is always a mentor, an investor, a partner, a working group or a family member who supports the entrepreneur and does not leave him alone in the process of making his dreams come true. So not all burden is on entrepreneurs. Be you, don't try to do everything alone; Learn to seek help from others and accept incoming help. Only in this way can you develop your potential.

7) Entrepreneur knows the secret of success.

Every entrepreneur who is excited by his dream believes that he alone knows the secret of success. They cannot compete with their ideas, they are the ones who know the right time best. Some entrepreneurs believe they have a "secret weapon" in their hands that will lead them to success. All this is nothing more than self-deception.

Whether a business idea will be successful or not depends on numerous variables that interact with each other. As such, attributing the result to a single variable would be an arrogant and shallow point of view. If there was only one path to success, we would all have already taken that path, joining the caravan of extremely wealthy entrepreneurs.

The real face of entrepreneurship is very different from the headlines you read in entrepreneurs' biographies or you see in economic news. Of course, that doesn't mean it's not worth trying. Our aim is to reveal the behind the scenes of entrepreneurship and its difficult sides that have not been mentioned until now, to raise your awareness and to make you prepared for the process. Therefore, we started by correcting your misconceptions about the business.

Have a good business idea and want to bring it to life? Then get up as soon as possible, find as many people who have experience in these jobs and you can talk to and start talking. Remember, the better you prepare, the more successful you will be.