Millionaire Entrepreneurs Do These for Success

All the millionaires we know today were like us once. We can attribute the transition from ordinary people to seven-digit earners to their "rich habits". This term was coined by Thomas C. Corley, who studied 177 millionaires for five years.

Millionaire Entrepreneurs Do These for Success

1. They read it constantly.

Rich people enjoy being educated more than having fun.

Corley says 80% of wealthy people "spend thirty minutes or more every day reading things to educate or inform them" and "most read for this purpose rather than for fun."

Says "Rich people read to learn something new." Corley discovered that wealthy people generally read three types of books: biographies of successful people, self-help and history books.

2. They exercise.

Corley says "76% of rich people spend 30 minutes or more exercise every day." Among the exercises, we can count activities that will speed up the heart rhythm such as running, brisk walking, walking or cycling.

Corley says "Exercises that will increase heart rhythm are incredibly beneficial for both the body and the brain." “It enables the neurons (brain cells) in the brain to grow. Exercise also increases glucose production. Glucose is the fuel for the brain. "The more fuel goes to your brain, the more cells grow and you think healthier."

3. Hang out with other successful people.

"You are as successful as the people you hang out with." Corley says. "Rich people want to be around people who are goal-oriented, optimistic, enthusiastic and have a positive view of life."

It is equally important to stay away from pessimistic people, says Corley, because "negative and destructive criticism can discourage you."

4. They become volunteers.

“Many millionaires use charities to fill their circles with good people,” Corley says.

“This is exactly why many rich people volunteer at charities. In this way, they enter an environment where they can meet successful people. "

72% of the millionaires he studies spend five hours or more each month volunteering.

5. They dream.

"Dreaming is the first step in creating the future of your dreams." Corley says. “Meanwhile, you think that all your dreams are real and you try to predict where your life and yourself will be in the future. Then you take pen and paper and write them down. "

Corley found that 61% of the people used this planning strategy in his research.

6. They run after their own dreams.

"The pursuit of your own dreams and goals allows you to be happy in the long run and make a considerable fortune." Corley says.

Many people prefer to pursue the dreams that others, for example their families, have for them. Rich people have their own dreams and nothing can turn them that way.

"Passion makes your work fun." Corley says. "Passion gives you the energy you need to overcome failures, mistakes, and rejection."

7. They sleep at least seven hours a night.

"Sleep is of ultimate importance to success." Corley says. His research found that 89% sleep seven or more hours each night.

"Sleep is the architect of almost all the success you have achieved."

8. They get up early in the morning.

Almost 50% of millionaires participating in Corley's study stated that they woke up at least three hours before their working hours.

In this way, you can cope with unpleasant situations that you may encounter during the day, such as unnecessary meetings, traffic sufferings or picking up your sick child from school.

“These kinds of unpleasant events affect us psychologically. It can sneak into our subconscious and eventually convince us that we have no control over our lives. " Corley says. “Staying at five in the morning for the three most important tasks you want to accomplish during the day allows you to take the reins of your life. It will instill in you the confidence you need to guide your life. "

9. There are many different income gates.

"People who become millionaires by their own efforts don't just earn income from one place." Corley says. "They create more than one source of income."

Corley says the number three is an important part of his research and that 65% of the millionaires he studied "had at least three different sources of income before they made millions of dollars."

Examples of additional income gates are real estate, stock market investments, and shareholding in another company.

10. They make sure that others are also successful.

"Helping other people who want to be successful makes them realize their dreams and be successful." Corley says. “Nobody can achieve real success without success-oriented people. The best way to create your own team is to help people who are success-oriented first. "

You may not want to help everyone, says Corley, but you can focus "only on people who are optimistic, goal-oriented, who think positively, who are after success."