Let's take a look at Starbucks' Marketing Strategy

Starbucks, which first started operating in Seattle in 1971, today has 27300 branches worldwide as a result of successful marketing campaigns. The cafe and restaurant business is very risky and 60% of such newly established businesses go bankrupt from the first year.

Let's take a look at Starbucks' Marketing Strategy

Starbucks is today the largest coffee chain in the world.

Starbucks, which first started operating in Seattle in 1971, today has 27300 branches worldwide as a result of successful marketing campaigns.
The cafe and restaurant business is very risky and 60% of such newly established businesses go bankrupt from the first year.
So why has Starbucks been so successful? What were the steps Starbucks followed in the field of marketing?
In this article, we'll cover Starbucks marketing strategies. You can take inspiration from these methods and apply them in the field of cafe and restaurant management.

1. Position Your Brand Correctly

Starbucks calls itself “3. location as ”. In other words, Starbucks, which is a place between home and work, offers an ideal environment to relax, chat, sip quality coffee, and sometimes work.

So Starbucks is not just coffee, it offers an experience. We can easily say that this experience is accepted by people.

While positioning a brand, the perception of customers, the points that differ from the competitors and the unique aspects of the company should be addressed.

For example, if you want to position your brand, you should definitely ask yourself the following questions.

Who are my customers?
How do the products and services I offer benefit people?
Who are my competitors?
How are my competitors positioning themselves? What are the things that make them special? (Large portion, stylish interior design, exotic dishes, unlimited drinks etc.)
Based on your answers to these and similar questions, you should write clearly how you position your brand. In a few paragraphs, write down the benefits of your products and services and where you differ from other brands.

We can summarize Starbucks as follows.

In the context of educated young people, Starbucks is a premium coffee maker and contributes to customers' lifestyle by providing quality coffee and a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Care About Customer Loyalty

Getting a new customer costs almost 5 times more than keeping an existing one. Many companies get 80% of their monthly earnings from 20% of their current customers. That's why successful restaurants and cafes have loyalty programs.

Starbucks, of course, also has a unique loyalty program. With gifts such as free coffee and birthday gifts, customers are allowed to come to Starbucks once again and people are provided with positive experiences about Starbucks.

For example, people who buy coffee through the Starbucks mobile application give their 10th coffee free of charge when they buy 9 coffees.

Identify what customers love and need, along with your employees. Clarify the details of the loyalty program and make such a program available to customers. Provide customers with information about the loyalty program through social media, e-mail, in-restaurant information.

3. Take advantage of the fear of kidnapping

Known as "fear of missing out", this phenomenon signals the concern that an important event will occur while you are away.

So there is a nice discount and it is said that this discount is only valid for 48 hours. A person who is 52% willing to buy this product will be 85% more likely to buy that product because they fear missing the discount. We can summarize FOMO like this.

According to researches, "fear of kidnapping" plays a dominant role in 60% of the shopping of people between the ages of 18-35.

Starbucks marketing strategy also takes advantage of this element and offers some drinks on a seasonal basis. Some products are selling for a short time.

In other words, you can create a sense of urgency for your products “provided that it is valid for a short time” and you can encourage people to buy more.

Design seasonal menus, for example. Prepare a meal that you serve only during Christmas week. Make this meal every year only on New Year's Eve

Or, for example, offer unlimited tea to a customer who purchases 20 lira in the morning to attract more customers. Or if a cup of tea is normally 3.5 lira, buy it for 1 lira between 10-12.30 in the morning.

It is also an ideal way to directly share the number of products left in stock with customers. When people see that there is only 1 of a product they like, they probably will not want to lose that product to someone else.

4. Produce and Share Beautiful Content

Starbucks attaches great importance to content marketing and manages to grab the attention of its customers very well. The content produced has its own style and feel, and these contents support the quality image of the brand.

These contents created with great visuals and creative sentences have an important share in the success of Starbucks.

For example, special campaigns are organized for the first day of school, mother's day, Valentine's Day and Halloween. A delicious coffee is offered in the name of "Christmas blend" in the New Year period.

Various visuals are posted on the walls of the stores regarding subjects such as where the products are procured from and how they are processed.

Existing content is used in many places by making it suitable for various platforms. For example, a photo shared on Instagram is shared on Facebook by telling the story of this photo, etc.

5.Create a Consistent Brand Experience

The consistency is ideal for a solid brand image. A consistent brand is quickly recognized wherever it appears, which gives confidence.

Starbucks is probably one of the most successful brands in the world in terms of consistency. Today, there is no big difference between any Starbucks branch in the world and the Starbucks branch closest to your home.

The songs played and the furniture used are generally the same in all branches.

Drink sizes (tall, grande, venti) are the same in all branches.

In summary, Starbucks is an exemplary brand that always attaches great importance to providing the same level of quality to its customers and to create a brand that people trust.

In this context, be a business with more than one branch or an independent business; Create a list of rules that your employees must follow. Make sure that the songs played in the restaurant reflect a certain style. While doing these, pay attention to simplicity. Don't cause unnecessary complexity to make your brand image consistent.

6. Know Your Target Customers

We can say that Starbucks' main customers are people between the ages of 18-40. Again, the middle-upper income group is targeted economically.

Starbucks' marketing strategy is also suitable for this.

Product: The products offered must be of good quality, otherwise the target customer will not buy them.

Price: Starbucks coffee is on average 25% more expensive than coffees from brands like McDonald's. Because people belonging to the targeted middle-upper income group are ready to pay a premium price for a premium coffee.

Publicity: Starbucks uses digital, social and traditional media for promotion and advertising. Being in different environments allows the brand to be recognized more.

Venue: Starbucks itself “3. sees it as "space". It presents itself as a place of rest, relaxation and relaxation between home and office.

You can prepare these 4 items for your own brand or business. You should know your customers, know what methods to use to reach them, and clarify what kind of experience you will offer them.

7. Be Active in Different Media

Starbucks; It attaches great importance to promoting products and brands with its website, social media platforms and in-store posters, posters, etc. In addition, various events etc. is also holding.

Big brands like Starbucks have the luxury, resources and budget to do this.

As a cafe / restaurant operator, you should be inspired by Starbucks.

For example, you must be active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

You should try to reach your customers by using e-mail, SMS, mobile application, in-restaurant audio and visual media.

By developing a media strategy specific to your business, you should produce content specific to your customer base and their media usage habits.

You should decide on the style of your content and get help from a team of social media managers, photographers and videographers. In this context, you can get help from a digital marketing agency to develop your media strategy.

While doing all these, you should give importance to consistency, just like Starbucks, and keep the same quality and style in every channel.

8. Emphasize Innovation

Starbucks constantly innovates and tries to maintain its leadership in the market, as do the leading brands in their field.

New products, new recipes, new decorations, new promotions, new flavors, new locations ...

It may not be possible for all these innovations to be successful. Starbucks also has branches that do not do business or recipes for drinks that do not work. Regardless, innovation is at the heart of Starbucks marketing strategy.

In this context, you can also get inspiration from Starbucks.

A good artist imitates another artist. But a fantastic artist steals the work of another artist directly. In this respect, it is one of the easiest ways of innovation to take a proven method and re-evaluate it with your own style.

It is also very useful to listen to the comments, opinions, criticisms and feedback of your customers and employees.

Try different combinations. There are two interesting drinks on the Starbucks menu. For example, pumpkin flavored coffee is a good example.

9.Interact with Your Customers

Customer engagement is an important factor in Starbucks marketing strategy. Starbucks encourages customers to share their Starbucks experiences.

Customer experiences are also shared on the brand's social media channels. This is a great way to both tighten relationships with customers and stock up on content.

10. Pay Attention to the Training of Your Employees

You can have a great marketing strategy. You may be producing delicious meals and coffees.

However, if your personnel who personally deal with customers are mediocre, it is very difficult for you to be successful.

Like all successful companies, Starbucks puts its employees through a special training. There are special training programs for positions such as barista, store manager, zone manager, shift supervisor.

Starbucks calls its staff “partners”. This shows how much importance he attaches to his employees. Currently, 200,000 Starbucks store employees worldwide are working to deliver customer satisfaction and service quality.

Based on the Starbucks personnel training program, you can create an in-house training program like this.

You can train your employees on topics such as a 20-30 hour brand history, product details, brand vision and mission.

You can develop a special coaching system for experienced staff to assist new recruits.

Since we are talking in the context of the restaurant and cafe sector, you can send your employees to various courses and workshops to gain knowledge and experience about different cuisines.

You can clearly define all the rules that employees must follow, and prepare in advance what kind of strategy should be followed in emergency situations.

Conclusion: To summarize, we can list the most important points in Starbucks' marketing strategy as follows:

Premium product (tea and coffee)
Excellent customer service
Same service quality all over the world
Brand image that attaches importance to ethical values
The emphasis on word of mouth marketing instead of spending money on advertising