Instagram Addiction? How To Get Rid Of This?

If you think you have an Instagram addiction, you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you some advice to get rid of Instagram addiction.

Instagram Addiction? How To Get Rid Of This?

We all love Instagram. We all have our own reasons for spending time on this platform. Some of us use it to goygoy with our friends, some to follow the artists we love and some to consume funny content. Unfortunately, after a point, we spend a lot of time on Instagram.

What Are the Symptoms of Instagram Addiction?

Scientific research shows that social media is addictive, just like gambling and gaming.

Instagram addiction is also not something to be taken lightly. Now let's first look at the indicators of Instagram addiction.

a. Experiencing the Stress of Perfect Photo Uploading

If the issue of which photo to share is stressful for you, it is very likely that you are addicted to Instagram.

Even if you choose the right photo, you may be spending a lot of time editing that photo, applying the right filter and making a meaningful word under it.

On the other hand, there is a fear of losing followers due to not posting.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to gain a personal or business-related following. But if the post sharing process is stressing you out, there is a possibility that you may become an Instagram addict.

b. Perceiving Comments and Unfollowing Personal

Social media offers us the opportunity to connect and communicate with other people.

But not everything that happens in online life is reflected in our real life.

If you perceive the comments, likes and followings made on Instagram as things for your personality, you may also be an Instagram addict.

In other words, it is not right for you to think that this person is an enemy or hates you just because someone has unfollowed you. Just because some people don't like your photos doesn't mean they don't like you. They may not even be able to see your posts just because of the Instagram algorithm.

c. Checking the Profile of People You Don't Like

One of the signs of Instagram addiction is quietly and constantly checking the Instagram accounts of people you don't like, who give you bad energy, who have emotionally rejected you.

So you have to confront yourself and tackle the main issue behind this movement.

d. Deleting Photos That Do Not Have Enough Likes

If you experience some of the stress you experience while deciding which photo to upload after uploading the photo, it is a matter of being an Instagram addict.

Of course, you want your posts to be liked and shared by large masses. You want people to congratulate you on the photos you uploaded.

However, if a photo you uploaded does not get the attention you expect, and when it does not get enough "likes", if you delete this photo; We can say that you have an Instagram addiction.

e. Not Being able to Complete Any Work without Entering Instagram

While reading a book, watching a game on TV, preparing a meal, waiting for the bus, writing, watching a video, talking to your mother… on the other hand, if your hand is constantly slipping on Instagram, then addiction is a bet.

This is also called "fear of missing out" (FOMO). So we can translate this fear as if something important happens when you are not on Instagram and you miss it.

How to Get Rid of Instagram Addiction?

In this part of our article, we will give some tips to get rid of Instagram addiction. Let's read how an editor friend of the New Business Ideas family got rid of his Instagram addiction.

I was an Instagram addict. I tried to get rid of this addiction for a full year, I read various books and blog posts on the subject. I tried various techniques to get rid of the addiction and finally got rid of my Instagram addiction.

I still have the Instagram app on my phone today. Every once in a while, I go to Instagram and look at what's going on and the profiles I follow. But now I can control my behavior. Instagram cannot interfere with my daily life and relationships.

I work in the field of social media marketing. Of course, Instagram is an important part of my job in this regard. My life passes with what is happening on social media platforms. So I was spending more time on Instagram than the average person.

However, over time I realized that this is not sustainable. I was spending a lot of time on this platform and I could only use a very small portion of this time efficiently and business-oriented. In addition, the cool, happy, luxurious places, people and lives I saw on Instagram were depressing me. I mean, although Instagram was doing more harm than good, I still couldn't quit.

Now let me tell you about the techniques I tried to get rid of this addiction and finally succeeded:

1. Delete the Instagram app

First, I thought of deleting the application to get rid of this addiction. However, since I was working in social media marketing, I had to use Instagram. Therefore, I deleted the application from my phone, but I did not delete the application on the phone I use for work. I continued to go to Instagram via the phone I used for work throughout the day. So this method did not work.

I recently quit my personal accounts on Instagram. Only the accounts I used for work remained. But I could switch to my personal account again with one click. This technique did not work either.

Then I thought of deleting the app from both my phones. I was just going to enter Instagram from the computer. However, at that time, posts from the desktop Instagram application could not be shared. Therefore, this method was not successful.

During this period, I switched from social media marketing to another field and Instagram ceased to be a part of my profession. During this period, I deleted the application from my phone. But after a few days I was reloading. It was like going to get a pack 15 hours after the decision to quit smoking.

In addition, for example, do not put your phone on the bed while sleeping at night. Plug the phone into another room. Because when you don't have the phone with you, you won't go in and waste your free time on Instagram. In this way, your sleep quality increases.

2. Digital detox

I decided to do digital detox during the period when I constantly deleted and restored the application. I was going to take a break from Instagram for a week. After a week, my interest in social media has decreased. But it didn't take long for my addiction to get back on track. In this process, I have directly seen the positive effects of taking a break from social media.

Of course, another detox method that you do not like is that you do not follow the accounts that give you negative energy. Why would you follow people who do not benefit you on Instagram? You don't have to follow your disliked cousin with a cold break, while there are so many incredibly beautiful and useful accounts.

3. Be aware

The third technique I tried was realizing my actions while using Instagram. For example, I tried to be aware of this when I was looking at photos of a luxury holiday destination or when I saw people traveling over New York skies by helicopter. I realized that these are ingredients that do not help me directly. This has been effective in my rate of using Instagram to decrease.

4. Delete other addicting apps as well

As I made progress on getting rid of Instagram addiction, I realized that there were other apps that I was addicted to. I'm talking about news sites, blogs, and various games. In spite of the danger of getting stuck with these apps while trying to get rid of Instagram, I deleted them too. So I started to be more knowledgeable and aware of my phone usage.

5. Reduce phone usage

I limited my phone usage to 30 minutes a day for 14 days. This of course was only valid on holidays. However, this was an important attempt to see that it was possible to live without a phone.

6. Use time management apps

I measured the time I spend on the phone every day using the time management application. I saw that I spend 3 to 6 hours a day on Instagram. It's a complete waste of time, of course! When I get old, I will not want to answer “Instagram” while thinking about where I spend my time, so time management practices helped me gain self-awareness. Seeing that I was spending so much time I experienced some kind of regret and guilt.

7. Deal with your hobbies

Very simple. When we can't find anything to clear your mind, educate and entertain you after work, we hug the phone directly. So go back to what you enjoy doing. It would be sports, reading books, playing the guitar. Just stay away from the phone. It is very important to correctly evaluate the time left over from Instagram.

8. Turn off Notifications

As an extra advice, I can say this: If you are going to use Instagram, turn off notifications. When someone follows you, likes your post, or send a message, don't get a notification directly on your phone. If you log into Instagram every time a notification comes, you cannot get rid of Instagram addiction.

As a result, almost everyone has an Instagram today. Companies, brands, artists, friends, family… If it is not good for you to turn off Instagram completely in such a situation, you should at least have control over the way you use Instagram. You can make your time and Instagram experience more efficient by applying the methods we discussed in our article.