How to Increase Sales?

There are some points to be considered in order to complete and increase sales. You should heed our suggestions to increase your sales. In this article, we will offer you some important advice that you can use to increase your sales.

How to Increase Sales?

There are some things to consider to close and increase sales:

  1. Listening to the customer and asking questions to the customer
  2. To learn the main motivation, interests and needs of the customer in purchasing
  3. Managing customer expectations
  4. Eliminating possible objections from the outset
  5. Always exceeding expectations

As a small business owner, you know very well that closing sales is vital to the success and growth of your business. In this context, there are other issues that you should be aware of.

In this article, we will offer you some important advice that you can use to increase your sales.

1. Ask a Question and Listen

“When talking to the customer, you have to go deep layer by layer as if you were peeling an onion. Often times, the client does not explain his feelings and thoughts because he thinks it has nothing to do with speaking. However, the more you know about the customer, the more options you can offer that will be of interest to the customer. "

When talking to a potential customer, ask questions as if they just bought the product. Ask whether he will use the product at home or in the office, how he will make the payment.

Describe the benefits of the product and what kind of contribution this product will make to their business or personal life. Because people are more likely to buy when they learn about the benefits of a product directly. The opinions, suggestions and comments of the customers who have purchased this product before are very useful in terms of making the final decision of the customer at the purchasing stage.

2. Pretend to be a sale

One of the most important secrets of closing a sale is to assume that the customer has decided to buy.

Although he is affiliated with the industry, the client has already done research on your company and product and knows very well what to buy.

The confidence you get by knowing that the customer will buy allows you to communicate more comfortably and better with this person.

3. Promote the Product

Thanks to the internet, it is much easier to find a product and service related to a needed subject today. You can find a lot of information about a product, service or company by browsing Google, consulting friends, and browsing social media platforms.

Therefore, as a business and company owner, your message, product and service must attract more attention from other companies.

In other words, when a potential customer comes to you, you should understand his / her troubles, needs and wishes and act accordingly.

Learn about the difficulties and needs of the customer; You should clearly state that your products and services are aimed at eliminating this problem.

4. Tell a Visual Story

Visual elements are very effective in the decision-making mechanism of the customer. Elements such as videos, photographs and illustrations attract more customer attention. For example, let's say you sell vacuum cleaners. Watching a video to show the traction power of the machine will be extremely effective in getting the prospect out of being a candidate and becoming a customer himself.

5. Respond to Appeals

For an experienced salesperson, appeal is an opportunity.
An objection means that a lead has entered the "sell" ball.
In this context, intervening in objections is an important opportunity to sell.

"Very expensive."

When the customer says so, keep talking. Yes, your product may cost more than another store, but that shouldn't stop you.
"I'd like something extra."

The customer can ask for an extra gift or another item. Here you need to describe the current situation. Because customers want both cheap and high quality. Both parties know that it is very difficult to achieve this.

In this case, highlight the benefits your business provides. Explain to the customer the advantages of shopping from you and not from a competitor. In other words, state how you add value to the customer next to the product.

"The product does not meet my needs."

Understanding the customer's perspective is very important here. Empathy is an important tool to combat objections in the selling space.

You may be a great salesperson, but when the customer thinks their needs are not met, they leave to shop elsewhere. Here it is necessary to evaluate the mentality of the customer. In other words, when you understand the customer's point of view, you can change your approach and address both the emotions and the logic of the customer.

"I don't want to change."

The client is afraid that his habits will change here. Show the prospect of the benefits of this product with their proofs. In other words, try to eliminate the worry and fear in the minds of the customer by explaining the success of the product and the company.

Dealing with objections in the field of sales takes effort, but over time you will learn how to deal with objections. In this respect, the customer's objection should not mean the end of the sales process. Each objection teaches you something new about how to approach customers.

6. Take advantage of technology

Technology is rapidly changing the retail and sales world. 5 years ago, a company that did not have a website could continue its sales life, but today a business that does not have a website and is not active in social media does not use a large part of its sales potential.

Mobile Application

Large stores and chain stores can enable customers to access product research, contact information and other important information as a mobile application or website owner. However, a mobile application may not be necessary for small companies. In any case, all companies, big or small, need to be active on social media today. If nothing else, your business must have a Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

When customers ask questions to a business, they expect an immediate response. In particular, you need to respond quickly to a prospect who asks you a question on social media. Because a person who does not get an answer from you will probably turn to your opponent.

In this respect, it is much more possible today to respond to customers instantly, for example, thanks to chat bots. Chat bots instantly respond to customers' basic questions and direct more detailed questions to customer representatives. This means gaining a customer who is likely to shop from you from the first minute.

Deep Learning

Deep learning or artificial intelligence is being adopted rapidly in the field of marketing today. Making product recommendations among tens of thousands of products to a person entering your website for the first time is possible by knowing the previous internet history of the customer and analyzing the traces left by his social media activities.

Human and one-on-one meeting will always maintain its importance in the field of sales, but today large companies can provide personalized services by analyzing the information in their databases.

If companies want to try something new on their business model, they have to try different ways to communicate with their customers. At this point, it seems that we will talk more about artificial intelligence in the field of marketing and sales in the next few years.

7. Give Great Importance to Customer Service

Perhaps the most important issue you should pay attention to when selling is to take customer service seriously.

In other words, when you sell a product to a customer, you should take care that the customer has complete information about the product, and give the customer a guarantee of assistance in future problems.

Learn the motivation of the prospect for purchasing; You have to remove his needs, problems, and fears. When you remove the doubts in the customer's mind, the sales process will result in an organic way. The word "maybe" is the most hated expression of a salesperson at this point. If the customer has complete information about the product or service, he will not delay the purchase and conclude it at that moment.

Ask your customers to make a decision, not to shop. You will see that the difference will be in your favor.

As you learn about your customer, you learn the future needs of the customer and, in a sense, pull the customer towards the sales funnel.

In addition, managing customer expectations is an issue that should be taken into consideration. You should set the customer's expectations on the basis of your product and company.

If you want to turn a customer into a permanent customer, in other words, to gain customer loyalty, it is very important to exceed customer expectations. This is also an ideal requirement for word of mouth marketing. Of course, we are not talking about giving a product worth 5000 liras for 2000 lira and losing money to exceed customer expectations.

There are basically two methods for exceeding expectation:
An unexpectedly good experience
A product-service that will amaze the customer

When you provide the customer with great customer service, don't think of it as a short-term act. By investing in your customer for a long time, be with him after sales and try to gain the customer's loyalty.

Make sure that all your customers have the same experience, no matter how big or small your business is. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of customer service. If you provide the same quality service to your customers and prospective customers, you will see that your sales increase and your sales processes will go smoothly.