10 effective tips on how to increase sales for your small business

10 Small But Effective Tactics To Increase Sales. Is it possible to increase sales in a short time? This is a question that the whole business world wants to learn the answer to.

10 effective tips on how to increase sales for your small business

The sales situation of any company generally reflects one of 3 scenarios.

Scenario 1: Things are squeaking. Sales are increasing more and more. Exactly continue then.

Scenario 2: Sales are ok, but could be better. Sales strategy needs revision.

Scenario 3: Sales are mediocre. Things don't look bright in the medium and long term.

There are several reasons why a company might have trouble selling. For example, negative internet comments about the company, poor customer service, low product quality, etc.

When we look at the 3 scenarios above, there is nothing to say for the 1st scenario. But when it comes to scenarios 2 and 3, there are several things a company can do to increase its sales.

Let's look at what makes a positive contribution to a company's sales.

1. Get Your Answers Ready to Basic Questions

It is not possible for a company to increase its sales without realizing its basic reason for existence.

What kind of problems do you find solutions to?
How do you produce these solutions, how do you present them?
Where are you different from your competitors?
What are the issues that make you superior to them? Do you have evidence of these?

If you have clear and logical answers to these questions and all employees in the company firmly believe in this, there is no reason not to increase your sales.

2. Use Social Media Actively and Correctly

In today's technological world, not knowing about your customers is a big crime.

With the prevalence of social media and even being an integral part of life, you can get together with your customers on various social media platforms, interact with them and solve their problems.

In this context, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook are the most important social media channels you should focus on.

3. Always Be Customer Focused

Your meetings, brainstorming sessions, internal negotiations… The customer should be at the center of all. Otherwise, there is no reason for a company to exist. If there is no customer, there is no job.

The main boss for every company is the customer. He can lay off everyone from the bottom to the top company owner simply by spending his money elsewhere.

The sales department should also adopt this logic with full conviction. Your salespeople should speak the language of your customers and know what they care about.

When you shift the focus from the features of the product to solving the customer's problems during a sale, you can see that you are making an extremely positive move.

4. Create a Sales Library

Over time, you collect a huge amount of data from all the sales you make. Customers, prospects, business partners etc. Then a solid database is formed in your hand.

However, if you do not edit or organize this data; In other words, if you are unable to analyze the information you collect, this information will make no sense.

Therefore, the techniques you use in the sales processes, exceptional cases, sales instructions and customer data should be accessible to the people working in the sales department; This database should be used frequently.

5. Pay Attention To Pre-Sales Planning

One of the most basic elements of sales discipline can sometimes be overlooked. This is pre-sales planning. Let your salespeople plan ahead of important meetings.

For example, take care to make a preliminary preparation on issues such as what kind of benefit the customer is trying to provide and how this exchange can be beneficial for both parties.

6. Make a sales proof

You can increase sales performance by rehearsing as in pre-sales marketing. For example, when you decide to implement a new sales method, first try it in-house. Divide the sales team into two and let them apply the new sales method. As a manager, give comments and suggestions to your sales team at this point. Thus, after perfecting this new technique, you can begin to apply it while on the field, in other words while facing the customer.

7. Ask better questions

Discovery can only be made by asking questions. Opportunities are also hidden in exploration. If your sales team is having trouble asking the right questions, not knowing when to ask which question, you're missing many opportunities.

If you draw a solid framework for your sales team about how to approach customers, what kind of questions they should ask, and let them adopt this approach, you will see that sales processes are closed more easily and you sell more.

8. Think of Sales as a Process

Its sale is not an instant event, not like a barter; Think of it like a process. Selling is a negotiation job. Successful companies in the field of sales reveal the company values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are the backbone of the sales process in the first conversation with the customer.

In other words, it is necessary not to instrumentalize the negotiation as a tactic, but to see the negotiation as an integral part of the sale. If negotiation is seen as a short-term solution, the company loses here, it has to cut the price in order to sell to the same customer.

In this context, negotiation must be integrated into the sales process for the success of a company.

9. Withdraw Sales If Needed

You should teach your salespeople your brand's target customer base. In other words, its salespeople should know the main customer profile of your company, and be able to leave the table by taking initiative in sales processes that do not match your brand. Remember, time spent selling to an unworthy customer would be more effective and efficient if it was used to persuade a loyal customer. In other words, it makes more sense to focus on long-term customer relationships that will bring you direct benefits. This is a very important reality for both the mental health of the salespeople and the long-term profits of the company.

10. Be Accountable

If you want to increase sales in your company, make sure your sales team is accountable. Even the most experienced salespeople make wrong predictions from time to time. Lead the predictive mentality of your team as a sales leader. This is called "franchise mindset". In other words, making accurate sales forecasts in order to increase regional earnings, making forecasts based on data are vital to reach the sales target.

11. Think Why and Why

If a sales team doesn't know why they are doing something, if they don't know for what purpose they are working, motivation is easy to lose. So tell your salespeople what they should do as well as how and why they should do it. Give them a concrete goal and give them various clues to achieve that goal. A salesperson who finds a clear answer to the why and why questions will find it easier to get where they need to.


We cannot deny that factors such as customization, marketing and network are also extremely important to increase sales.

In this context, after creating your basic sales strategy, it is possible to increase your sales performance by making the necessary adjustments, additions and deletions.

When you realize that there is always something you can do to increase sales, you will do your best to make the sales processes flawless. The important thing is to keep in mind that there is always something big and small that can be done to increase sales.