If You Want To Be Rich, You Have to Think Like Rich Person

Steve Siebold: To get rich you have to learn to think like a rich person. I personally witnessed that money flow accelerated when I changed the mentality.

If You Want To Be Rich, You Have to Think Like Rich Person

Self-made (not by inheritance, but sweat) millionaire Steve Siebold makes a point in his book How Rich People Think:

To be rich, you have to learn to think like a rich person. I personally witnessed that money flow accelerated when I changed the mentality. In this respect, I can say that the only way to think like a rich person is to research the lives of rich people well. "

In our article, we will talk about the mindsets that Steve Siebold mentioned in this work. So we will teach you how to start thinking like the rich to get rich.

1. Have At Least 2 Different Income Sources

Rich people base their living on making a living and do not rely on a single source of income.

Research author Thomas Corley states in his study, in which he investigated the lives of people who became rich with his own efforts, they were never dependent on a single source of income, and that they had cash flow in at least 2 different places.

"65% of these people have at least 3 different sources of income before they reach a fortune of $ 1 million. Contributing to their monthly earnings by working in jobs such as additional job, buy-sell, part-time is the most basic feature of these people.

2. Make Friends With Rich People

Your circle of friends is very important to your career. You cannot change the family you were born into, but you can change your circle of friends.

Steve Siebold says:
“The friends you spend the most time with determine your value. Therefore, rich people often make friends with rich people. Rich and successful people take care of whom to make friends. Their aim is to establish relationships with success-oriented individuals like themselves. "

If you feel the lack of success-oriented, highly motivated people in your circle of friends, change your circle. Participate in different activities, make friends with different professional groups.

So if your current friendship is overwhelming you and absorbs your energy, it's in your favor to review your relationship with these people.

3. Save to Invest

“The best way to get rich is to invest. The main purpose of saving money should be to use this money for investment purposes. " millionaire Grand Cardone.

In fact, how much you save and invest is much more important than your monthly earnings.

In an article, finance expert Ramit Sethi says:

"Millionaires transfer 20% of their annual earnings to their savings account. Therefore, their wealth is measured not by their annual earnings, but by their savings. "

4. Compromise Your Comfort

If you want to earn more money, you have to get out of the comfort circle.

So do things that don't make you 100% happy at the moment, but that you know will be beneficial in the long run.

For example, ask for a raise for the salary you receive from the company you work for. This is one of the simplest ways to increase your monthly earnings. However, in order not to be bad with the boss or get out of business, many people cannot put this option into practice even if they think about it.

A 1000 dollar raise in your salary will not make you rich. At most, one click per month helps you live more comfortably. But here logic is more important than numbers.

Knowing one's own worth and being able to claim that value is the fundamental distinction between a rich person and a mediocre person.

5. Give Importance to Personal Development

One of the common features of wealthy people is that they should give importance to personal development.

Things like reading a book about an unfamiliar subject, attending a sports course you have never tried before, and attending monthly network meetings organized by entrepreneurs in your city are good ways to gain new habits.

Thomas Corley says on the subject:
“Doing something new on unfamiliar matters initially gives you anxiety and anxiety. However, when you progress in this regard over time, the unrest disappears. You develop personally and meet new people. ”

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6. Don't be fooled by the luxury

Millionaire Grant Cardone says:
“I neither bought a Rolex nor a luxury Mercedes until the companies I founded and the investments I made earned 15 times my current money. Even when my fortune reached several million dollars, I continued to use my 8-year-old Toyota Corolla. From this point of view, I can recommend the following: Let people know you by doing your job well and by your work ethic, not by the luxury car you drive or the $ 100,000 watch on your wrist.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the world, shares this idea.

Buffett, whose fortune is over $ 60 billion, pays no more than $ 3 for a sandwich he buys for breakfast in the morning. So think about it, even a person with a $ 60 billion fortune doesn't find expensive sandwiches for $ 5.