Ideas for Packaging Design Models

What is Packaging Design, How is it done? Think about your last purchase. Why did you choose that brand? Did you decide on the spot or was it something you really needed?

Ideas for Packaging Design Models

You probably bought that product because it caught your attention. Yes, you may need shampoo, but why did you specifically choose that brand? Is it because the bottle looks expensive and stylish? No, you bought the product because you wanted to pamper yourself. In fact, you know that you are buying something like shampoo in the discount basket.

This is the purpose of packaging. When done right, packaging is what makes your product sell. It attracts attention, gives messages and can create the desired emotion in consumers.

Use Pattern

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The easiest way to make your packaging interesting is to add patterns. Although the packaging of this tool remains very simple in terms of structure, the lines on the package make the packaging interesting. The color selection makes it look quality.

Do Not Be Afraid of Simplicity and Evaluate Spaces

Packaging design 1

Sometimes only simplicity is required. The packaging of this product also proves this. The packaging made of earthy, recycled material gives the consumer a natural feeling. Besides, the wing illustration adds a different atmosphere to the packaging. The brightly colored logo has been successfully incorporated into the design. This added modernity to packaging.

Keep in Mind the Consumer Experience

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Consider the behavior of the consumer interacting with your product. In this example, our product is luxury slippers. Since it is a luxury product, slippers are offered in a black pouch. When the consumer opens the box, he will first encounter the pouch, and after opening the pouch, he will see the slippers. Adding layers to packaging will add a luxurious feel to your product. It will also create a feeling for consumers that the extra money they will spend is not wasted.

Let Packaging Complete The Product

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Make sure the packaging design complements the product inside. The packaging in this example looks simple and natural, just like the product inside. You can see what's inside the package before you buy it. This creates the impression of transparency in the consumer and gives the message that you trust what you sell.

You will realize that minimalism works

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Simplicity draws attention as well as the intense use of colors and patterns. The jam packaging above does exactly that. The packaging, which is dominated by minimalism, does not even have a brand logo. Although the design of the packaging, which uses red color in harmony with the fruit jam inside, seems ordinary, it will definitely stand out with its minimalism and simplicity among the color and pattern density on the shelves.

Be simple and remove borders.

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Don't feel obligated to make your illustrations and graphics completely realistic. If you can simplify the image and use it as a textural element, do so. This package uses a simplified and patterned illustration of the head and hair image. The hair spreads all over the box and creates a pattern in the background. At first glance, it is not clear what happened, but as you explore the packaging, you realize it is hair.
If your product requires a certain form of packaging, do not limit yourself to this. The soap comes in a box, but you don't have to use an ordinary box. The box in this example opens by folding from the side instead of opening from one place. Besides the folding movement makes the packaging more special and interesting, the packaging can also be used decorative.

Use modern solutions and use Textures.

^packaging desing 6

Modern, slim and simple designs stand out. You can create a modern look by using straight lines, simple colors, and sans serif fonts. This packaging has a modern approach, but its genderlessness makes it even more modern. Since it is not inclined in any direction, it makes us wonder who the product is for. You can use patterns not only visually but also physically. People will interact physically with your packaging so your packaging will not only appeal to the eye but also to the touch. This insecticide used relief on the bottom of the bottle. Not only does it help you grip the bottle more tightly, it also feels interesting in your hand and visually relates to the dots on the top of the bottle.

Be Bright and Have a Story

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If your product is brightly colored, be inspired by it. Highlight your packaging with bright colors like this candy wrapper. When each candy is in a different color, the colors used on the side of the packaging also change. The lines used on the packaging also vary according to the product. Thus, you can understand that the product is different from the other without having to look at the sugar itself. If you can tell a story with your packaging, you're doing yourself a huge favor. People love stories and they love to learn new things this way.

Be Creative and Use the Inside of the Package

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You can make your packaging cool, but if the product itself is cool, there is no glory for you. Let's take this milk soap. We are facing a soap made from milk and it could have a rectangular shape like other soaps. But instead it has an ice cream stick design. The fact that it looks like ice cream also refers to the milk in its content. On the other hand, the outside of the packaging should be interesting yes, what about the inside? If your product has several different parts, exhibit them separately.

Play with the senses and let the product introduce itself.

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With your packaging appeal to all the senses, if you can. This packaging made of paper stimulates the sense of touch. In addition, it creates a three-dimensional effect as small parts are placed inside the package before vacuuming. Thus, it appeals not only to the eyes but also to your hand. If you have a quality product, do not hide it behind the packaging, let it show itself!

Be Luxury and Limit Colors

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If you have a luxury item, the packaging should look like that. The use of vibrant colors, patterns and fabrics will increase the quality of the packaging. In this example, colored velvet ribbons are used in the boxes according to the product type. In addition, various animal patterns on gold add a different atmosphere to the packaging. Limit your color palette to create a harmonious image.

Use the product for design and adapt to fashion

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If you can use the product as part of the packaging, use it. These shoes come in a bird-shaped box. And the laces were not left in the box, but instead were taken out of the holes, capturing the image of the worm in the bird's mouth. The packaging you designed in accordance with the trends will attract more attention.