How to Sell More by Understanding Amazon's Algorithm

Selling on Amazon has become quite common and lucrative in recent years. What is Amazon A9 Algorithm? Factors Directly Affecting Amazon Search Results.

How to Sell More by Understanding Amazon's Algorithm

Selling on Amazon has become quite common and lucrative in recent years. When you enter Amazon, the search engine at the top of the site produces the most ideal results for people's searches and shows results through an algorithm called A9.

We do not know exactly which elements Amazon included in the A9 algorithm. However, based on the data we have obtained, we can give you some proven recommendations for your products to rank higher on Amazon.

So if you intend to sell on Amazon, you should definitely read our article to optimize your product ads for Amazon.

What is the Amazon A9 Algorithm?

The A9 algorithm forms the basis of Amazon's product search engine. Thanks to the data obtained from millions of product researches that people make every day, it is decided by this algorithm which products should rank higher. Considering a customer's previous product searches and shopping history, the most suitable product recommendations are made for this person.

It is necessary to pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO) elements in order to rank high in Google. It is easier to optimize Amazon compared to Google.

Moreover, it is extremely useful to optimize on Amazon. Because only 1 out of 10 people who search for a product on Google buy the product they are looking for, this rate is higher on Amazon. In other words, a person who searches for a product on Amazon is much more likely to purchase that product. Because people who intend to buy enter Amazon.

It is very important to optimize product ads for Amazon because;

70% of people who shop on Amazon only review the products on the first page.
35% of people who shop on Amazon click on the first product that appears in search results.
The first 3 products in the search results make up 64% of all product reviews.
As such, it is vital that people who want to sell on Amazon optimize their product ads according to the Amazon A9 algorithm.

Factors That Directly Affect Amazon Search Results

First, we should look at the factors that directly affect the product ranking in Amazon.

The most important of these is the appropriateness of the text. Title and description text should describe the product directly.

Stock status is also an important issue. If you run out of stock, your ranking may drop immediately. You should make your planning by taking care that there is no product left in stock.

And pricing… If you drive higher prices than your competitors selling the same product, you may fall behind in the ranking.

a. Title Products Correctly

The product title is the first thing potential customers see. For this reason, you need to use the most important keywords about the product in the title. The name of the product should always be first. This may sound obvious, but many sellers may be negligent in writing the name and brand of the product first.


Product Type
And you should include other features in the product title.

b. Do Keyword Research For Product Description

Before you write a product description, it would be great to research keywords related to the product. Keyword research can be done in a variety of ways.

You can reverse engineer, for example. You can review your competitors' keywords and write a better description than them.

Find your top 3 competitors selling the same product as you. Read the product title and descriptions. Pay attention to what keywords they are using. Include the most important keywords they miss in your description.

MerchantWords is a good site that shows keyword and product search volume on Amazon.

You can add keywords with the highest search volume to your product by using MerchantWords or different SEO analysis tools for the product title and description.

c. Do Hashtag Research

Hashtag search allows you to see all search results that start with a certain word.

You can get many keywords by just typing a single word without using hashtags, but starting your search with # will give more effective results.

Amazon does not increase the ranking of keyword product titles and descriptions to prevent abuse of keyword usage. However, you can add up to 250 keywords to the product post with the "backend" method. These words do not appear in search results, but the Amazon algorithm shows search results based on these keywords. Let's note again; Be careful not to use wrong and incorrect keywords to increase your ranking. If Amazon detects fraud, it will lower your ranking.

Factors Indirectly Affecting Amazon Search Results

We looked at the factors that directly affect the ranking results. Keyword research and optimization will enable your products to rank higher. There are also indirect factors.

Amazon also attaches importance to indirect factors such as sales volume, photo quality, and listing information.

a. High Sales Volume

One of the most important factors affecting Amazon search results is the sales volume. Amazon is an e-commerce giant and tries to sell as many products as possible. Therefore, it is quite understandable that it highlights the best selling products.

Let's look at some of the factors that can increase your sales volume.

b. Additional information

You need to be more descriptive in the title of your product.

So let's say you are selling a scanner, for example. There are 1001 types of scanners. You should specify the most important distinguishing feature of the scanner you sell in your title.

Are you selling an Android phone compatible scanner?
Are you selling an in-car scanner?
Are you selling a wireless scanner?
In other words, be sure to mention what makes your scanner the most special in your title.

c. Quality Product Images

There is an option to zoom in on product photos on Amazon. According to the official statement of Amazon, the width of the product photos should be at least 1000 pixels resolution. Thus, when zooming, the details of the product are clearly visible.

The fact that customers can see the product they are considering to purchase in detail is very effective in the purchasing decision.

In addition, according to the researches;

The sales rate of a 360-degree photo uploaded product increases by 10% to 40%.

Or you sell an artist's paintings. When you put the photographs of the artists instead of the pictures, the rate of people clicking on the product increases by 95%. Interesting but statistics show this.

The fact that people's faces appear in the product advertisement of the best-selling garden barbecue also contributes to the identification of customers with the functions and benefits of the product.

d. Listed Explanations

You should use the list style in the part where you explain the features of the product on Amazon. Features written item by item make it easier to read. So if you use a block of 500 words, people are less likely to read this article. Also, writing it down helps Amazon index the product and the A9 algorithm to process the information more conveniently.

e. A + Content

You will find that some products on Amazon have a more specific interface than the classic product page. This is called Enhanced Content or A + content.

Since you have a more professional interface in editing elements such as description and visuals, you can make your page more special and attractive.

In the chart above, the increase in sales of sellers using the A + Content interface can be clearly seen.

f. Customer comments

Customer reviews have many benefits.

84% of people trust product reviews on the internet. Positive comments reinforce people's trust in companies. Amazon is aware of this fact and places great emphasis on product reviews.

Customer opinions and comments also help a product to rank higher. If there is competition between the two products, the product with more reviews will generally rank higher.

But never abuse the comment business and try to buy fake reviews. Amazon's algorithm is much better at detecting this type of fraud than you might think.

Amazon very well determines when and which link the commenters came to write comments. In short, you can see that your account is suddenly closed while trying to get to the top by entering fake comments on your product. Beware of…


With some optimization knowledge and a little bit of trial and error (A / B testing for example…), you can make your products rank higher on Amazon and increase your sales probability. Promotions and discounts can also drive traffic to your products and affect your sales positively.

You should focus and experiment on the factors that increase your sales volume and click-through rate, taking into account what we've covered in this post.

Since Amazon always prioritizes profitability in the product ranking process, the more sales you make, the higher you rank. So you have to sell plenty for Amazon to keep you and support you. For this, you should pay attention to many issues such as title and description text, image optimization.