Entrepreneurship is More Than Just Starting a Business!

Entrepreneurship involves more than starting a company to being a founder of a company. You can be an Entrepreneur in Someone's Company. Entrepreneurship is Starting From Scratch

Entrepreneurship is More Than Just Starting a Business!

The concept of entrepreneurship is extremely misunderstood. When you say "entrepreneur", it is thought that there is a superhuman being. However, there is no such thing. Likewise, entrepreneurship is thought to be related to business life and establishing a business. This notion only touches on a small aspect of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

With how you think
With how you interpret the world
With how you make your creativity come true
It's about creating something new.
Entrepreneurship involves more than starting a company to being a founder of a company.

You Can Be an Entrepreneur in Someone's Company

It is thought that the only task of entrepreneurs is to start a business, to establish a company.

However, many entrepreneurs today do not own their own companies. In other words, it is not necessary to have your own company to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a matter of spirit, and wherever this person is, he reflects his entrepreneurial qualities into the business he works for.

A true entrepreneur;

Even if the company does not belong to him, he owns the company he works for.
There is hope for the future.
It focuses on the result, not the time worked.
It leads people.
Enjoys problem solving and problem determination.
He supports his ideas with objective data.
He sets an example for other people with his behavior
In other words, the idea that entrepreneurs only start a business remains extremely weak when defining entrepreneurship. Establishing a company is just one of the dozens of characteristics of entrepreneurship, and when there are no other characteristics, "founding" doesn't mean much.

You may also have entrepreneurial yeast. Even if you don't realize it, you may be prone to entrepreneurship, but when you talk about entrepreneurship, you might not have discovered this feature yet, as something like starting your own business comes to mind.

Entrepreneurship is Starting From Scratch

Entrepreneurship is also about taking something from scratch and taking it higher.

The whole process starts with a single idea, a single vision. In general, we can compare this process to a wound that cannot be rinsed off without scratching: Thinking that something needs to change and knowing that only you can sign this change.

Business establishment and decision-making fatigue cannot stop the entrepreneurial spirit. As long as an idea expects before it becomes reality, it gets bigger.

In addition to establishing a business, entrepreneurs; They are people who find a new idea, change a certain way of thinking, mobilize people around the solution of a problem.

Entrepreneurship is Doing What is Not Done

Entrepreneurship is doing something good that no one has thought or done before. In other words, there is a certain belief and innovation idea at the core of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are people who think everything is possible, or rather impossible.

200 years ago it was thought that flying was just the work of birds. However, the Wright Brothers proved that this was not the case.

It was considered impossible to switch from computers occupying a large room to desktop computers. But Steve Jobs went even further and made the computers fit in trouser pockets.

In short, the desire to do things that have not been done before is at the focal point of entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur is someone who tries to overcome difficulties instead of constantly pursuing pleasure and comfort and choosing a normal and easy life. Because it is easily boring. There is nothing more enjoyable than solving a difficult problem.

Working on something that has not been done before excites the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is Executiveism

The entrepreneur has a bright idea, a vision and a big dream.
However, in addition to all these, the entrepreneur is the performer.

Although you have a great business idea, it doesn't make sense unless you can put it into action. This action is the only thing that determines success and failure in life. As long as there is no action, the ideas you describe evaporate after you get up from the table with your friends.

Your entrepreneurial adventure begins when you get up from your seat (stop watching the meaningless TV series on Netflix) and go into action. So unless you sweat, you cannot produce anything.

Entrepreneurship Requires Optimism

One of the most important things an entrepreneur needs to solve a problem he notices is optimism. How can a solution be found when there is no hope that a problem can be solved… It all starts with believing that there is another possibility.

Optimism is a virtue that must be possessed not only in entrepreneurship, but in all areas of life. Overcoming health problems, psychological problems, making new career decisions are always realized by believing in something new and accepting the existence of another possibility.

When you don't have an optimistic mindset, you are afraid of attempting to do something that hasn't been done before. Because thinking negatively, always focusing on the empty part of the glass makes you admit that something called "impossible" is indeed impossible.

Negative thinking brings about accepting the world as it is. In other words, a pessimistic and hopeless approach such as “what happened, nothing can be corrected from now on” has no place in entrepreneurship. Because the entrepreneur is the person who has an idea and puts this idea into action to make the current world better.

Artists are also Entrepreneurs

Artists are also entrepreneurs. You ask why?
Because an artist finds an audience for his own work and draws the attention of this audience to his work.

A writer who writes a book has to market his book to sell it.

After painting, the painter has to make an agreement with the galleries for the exhibition of his work.

In other words, since artists have to find a medium and a mass for themselves, they are people who attach importance to performance, which is the essence of entrepreneurship. (Of course, we can distinguish artists who produce only for themselves at this point, but what could be more beautiful than an artist sharing his works with people ...)


In short, entrepreneurship connects people and develops new solutions to problems.

If we want to solve more problems and unite people around the solution of that problem, we must stop seeing entrepreneurship as something just about bossiness.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and anyone who wishes to take part in this difficult process can transition to this lifestyle.