Entrepreneurs Are Usually Not Successful in School Life

Why Entrepreneurs Cannot Be Successful in School Life? They Think Different From Everyone. They are fond of their independence. They Prefer Experience Over Books. They Don't Like School, Not Education.

Entrepreneurs Are Usually Not Successful in School Life

We see that many entrepreneurs who shaped the history of humanity from Thomas Edison to Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates to Steve Jobs were not very successful in school life and dropped out of university education.

But why is this so?
How is it possible to be successful without having a university education?
Now let's look at why successful entrepreneurs fail in school and why they drop out.

1. They Think Different From Everyone

You cannot be a successful entrepreneur by thinking like others, acting like anyone else. While a college student is playing football or working part-time in his spare time; A college student with an entrepreneurial spirit buys and sells things. In other words, a person with an entrepreneurial spirit takes action even during his university years. Unfortunately, all students studying at the A department at universities are expected to take the same courses and take the same exams. This removes the entrepreneurial spirit and weakens the opportunity to try new things.

Leaving the herd, entrepreneurs develop solutions to existing problems that no one could think of before. For a student with an entrepreneurial spirit, this situation is much more satisfying than filling his brain with information that he will not use again in life.

2. They Are Fond of Their Independence

People with entrepreneurial spirit are fond of their independence. Something is expected of you at school and you are asked to meet this expectation. Homework, exams, projects, rules… Entrepreneurship is a concept related to freedom of thought and action. Undoubtedly, an entrepreneurial student who sees that such freedom is damaged by the expectations in the school will cool down from school in time.

Some people are not born to be directed, but to lead. For this reason, it is very important in entrepreneurship to pass the jobs that do not give a direct benefit and excitement to other people.

3. They Prefer Experience Over Books

From primary school years to doctoral years, students are asked to read and write on a variety of subjects. Although there is an opportunity to put the knowledge learned in some disciplines into practice, in many departments and schools it is not possible to test and apply the knowledge learned. "What will this information do in real life, sir?" This is why the question is meaningful.

Entrepreneurs attach importance to action rather than soft information. Instead of learning something from a textbook, he wants to see this thing in life and see it by trial and error. So a student who buys and sells things learns much more than the business department can give him.

4. They Don't Like School, Not Education

Taking risks is the basis of entrepreneurship. Going to school doesn't guarantee a person's success. That's why people with an entrepreneurial spirit choose to continue their learning process in a different way. In some cases, things like podcasts, e-books, online lessons, internships can be more beneficial and effective than the school environment. In other words, it is not necessary to be a student of a certain school, to sit in line and listen to the teacher in order to receive education and learn new things.

5. They Know Success Is Different From Getting Good Grades

Success in entrepreneurship is not measured with money. The same is true for school. Success doesn't always mean getting good marks. Many students miss out on things like gaining long-term skills, meeting new people, gaining experience because they focus on getting high marks. In other words, they take the exam by memorizing the information and take A, but they forget this information within a few months.

Students with entrepreneurial spirit try to achieve success another way. For example, he meets new people, an important company tries to increase his knowledge and experience by doing an internship.

If getting good grades were a guarantee of success, many people who have passed the grade by cheating should be millionaires, billionaires today.

This does not mean that university education should not be taken. Of course, university education is extremely beneficial, but it should be known that it is necessary to use university years consciously and beneficially. The reason why the world's most successful entrepreneurs are not so successful in school life today is that these people want to follow their own passions and turn to practice rather than theory.

The ideal situation is to be able to both get a university education and keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.