Effective Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

It is vital for local businesses to benefit from modern marketing techniques in order to survive and compete with corporate chain companies. Even if you are now in good shape in terms of earnings, you have to think long term.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

According to research, only 33% of small businesses live longer than 10 years, while the rest are shutting down.

Of course, this statistic should not intimidate you. We are sharing this article so that you do not suffer from this situation. Now let's look at marketing tactics that are particularly beneficial for local businesses.

1. Register Your Business on Google

How will new customers find you?

Instead of choosing a method from the past century like "Who knows knows", you should use the internet, especially Google.

By registering your company on Google, you can enable people to see the photos, location, address, phone, opening and closing hours of your business.

Of course, comments made on Google about your business also encourage potential customers to shop from you.

After registering your business with Google, customers can also upload photos of your business here. You can comment and rate you.

According to researches, 94% of people prefer 4 or 5 star businesses.

2. Open a Blog

So we can clearly say 2 + 2 = 4 that people do research on the internet before shopping somewhere. In this context, it goes without saying that your business should have a website.

In order for people to find your website, you should perform search engine optimization (SEO) to make your website appear higher in Google, if possible on the first page. Remember, being on the first page on Google means more sales and more profit.

Let us state that the top 3 websites on Google receive 47% of the clicks.

In this respect, you should try to keep your website at the top. One of the best ways to do this is to open a blog section on your website.

Write comprehensive and useful articles about the work you do on the blog, the products and services you sell; If you optimize these articles according to SEO elements, it will be easier for people to find you.

Let's say you are a company serving as a digital printing house in California. By looking at what kind of search people are doing on Google, you can produce articles accordingly.

California business card printing
California poster printing prices
California brochure design
For example, by producing content suitable for such keywords, you can attract people who make these searches on Google to your blog. So people learn directly that you are doing this job.

The more useful and frequently you post content on your blog, the more visitors you will gain that it is likely that these people will become your customers over time.

3. Expand Your Circle

If you are a local business, you should get to know the business circles in your city, the people you work in the same sector, and your potential customers. For this, be careful to participate in network-oriented meetings and events.

Because at such events, you meet different companies and find the opportunity to introduce your company.

Let's say you have a printing house. When you meet the principal of a private college, you are very likely to get the printing and printing jobs from that college. How can you meet this college director if you sit in the office all the time?

In addition, it is extremely useful to make an environment in terms of seeing what your competitors are doing and learning the technologies they use.

In other words, if you know the business environment in your city, these people will meet their needs from businesses in other cities or on the internet.

4. Contribute to Your City

Of course, being a local business also means contributing to your city.

Studies show that customers shop more from companies that contribute to an important event.

In this context, it would be good for you to give importance to charity and donation activities in your city. For example, if you donate $ 10 to a charity for every $ 1000 of sales and you tell your customers about this, people will choose you over another business.

You can make an annual donation to an association or foundation.

You can donate a percentage of your earnings for a week to an important topic.

You can sponsor events in your city.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can now collaborate with the municipality to send the food to an animal shelter in your city instead of throwing it away.

Such cooperation and solidarity activities enable your business to gain value in the eyes of people.

5. Organize a Competition

Running a contest is a great way for people to get excited about your business.

With the contests and sweepstakes on social media, you can make people follow your business and, most importantly, notice your business.

For example, when someone tags 3 friends on your Instagram post to earn a $ 100 worth of product from you, 3 more people will hear about you. When these people need one of your products or services, you become one of the businesses that come to mind.

6. Organize a Customer Loyalty Program

One of the best things you can do as a local business to increase sales is to organize a customer loyalty program.

The best part of this marketing technique is that you can consolidate your existing customers without spending money to acquire new customers. This means that your existing customers will shop more often than you.

A loyalty program has two main focal points:

Increasing the frequency of shopping
Increasing the amount of money spent on shopping
You can increase your sales by focusing on these two goals.

For example, you run a cafe. Give your customers a card in the form of a business card. This customer who buys coffee from you 9 times should drink his 10th coffee free of charge

Starbucks or Nero Cafe applies the same method, for example. You can also offer different awards, discounts and gifts. You do not necessarily have to apply the 10th free method to buy 9 coffees.

7. Use Social Media Actively

Not without social media. A local business must have a Facebook and Instagram account. Of course, you should also benefit from channels such as Twitter and Youtube.

If your customers are companies, it would be better to focus on LinkedIn.

43% of small businesses share content and interact with their followers on social media on a daily basis. Let us state that this figure should actually be even higher.

Yes, it is difficult enough to own a small business. You have to take care of everything all day long. However, if you realize that we are living in the age of social media and think that almost all of the customers are actively using social media, you will realize how important it is to have a presence on social media.

8.Cooperate with a Local Phenomenon

You can collaborate with internet phenomena living in your city to take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

For example, there is a phenomenon with 500,000 followers on Instagram and this person lives in the same city as you. In his posts, he talks about many things that make your city stand out. Most of this person's followers also live in the same city as you.

For example, if you contact a phenomenon living in Ankara and making sketches with the Ankara accent and you want this person to promote your women's clothing store in Ankara on his Instagram account, you will get serious traffic to your website.

The followers of people we know as a phenomenon are quite loyal. It has already been a phenomenon due to this loyalty. Therefore, by collaborating with a local phenomenon, you can benefit from this person's loyal audience.

9. Start Referral Program

Similar to the customer loyalty program, you can start a friend referral program.

Existing customers get a certain discount when they refer their friends to you. So a regular shopping from you guides his friends to you. It encourages you to shop from you.

If you give discounts, gifts, free products to people who recommend friends, their motivation to bring friends increases, of course.

To win over the shopper who comes to you with friend referral, you can also include them in the friend referral program. So he gets a discount when he brings his friends to you.

So you can create a very lucrative cycle. It is precisely for this reason that 86% of people state that referrals of friends are effective in their shopping decisions.

10. Pay Attention to Customer Service

As a local business, you should care about customer service. At this point, you have a separate advantage over corporate companies. It is the luxury of being able to deal with the customer face to face.

If you provide a good service to your customers during, before and after sales, these people will say positive things about you on social media and in a friendly environment. As a result, you are marketing “word of mouth” thanks to the good customer service you provide to a person. A customer you serve well will praise you on their own initiative and bring you customers.


So, as a local business, you don't have the luxury of staying behind the competition. Look at your current marketing strategy and see if it produces the results you desire.

Maybe it's time to change or fix your marketing strategy.

If promoting your business and gaining new customers is an urgent situation, try to apply the elements we mentioned in this post.

You don't need to apply all of the tactics in our article at the same time. But if you identify the different strategies that benefit you the most and apply them consistently, we guarantee you will be successful.