Critical Information You Need To Know To Keep Your Company Alive

Keep Your Company Alive: According to researches, only 37% of companies with less than 20 employees can survive for 4 years and only 9% for 10 years.

Critical Information You Need To Know To Keep Your Company Alive

Some companies survive because of the founder's experience, some with the right marketing methods, and some by chance.

1. Care About Your Customers

Know your customers' companies as your own and act accordingly. Your time is their cash. Therefore, it is always useful to be efficient.

Many agencies provide specially designed reports to their clients. They bill a whole world for these design work reports as well. When I am going to report to my clients, I send a detailed Word file and do not charge any fees.

In addition, if there is an error caused by a dispute between the two companies, I will be prepared to pay the cost of this error. I consider this sacrifice as an investment in order not to spoil the relationship between me and my business partner.

2. Get a Tight Environment
Environment means fresh opportunities. During the 2008 Global Economic Crisis, we had to lay off some of our customer representatives. However, this situation did not confuse us and we found new jobs for these people through the "human resources department" at the company. Even though we did this just because we thought about our old colleagues, we still remained friends with them and got new business opportunities through them.

In addition, many of my former colleagues have kept in touch with us. In fact, we got many important jobs thanks to our former employees. So, never break the strings with your former employees and try to help each other.

3. Build a Support Team of Professionals

It would not be an exaggeration if I say that the backbone of a company is the support team. For this reason, I have a team of people who are experts in their business. Thanks to the important ideas and opportunities offered by this modular team, we are able to offer solutions to all kinds of customers. In other words, using the expertise of the employees in the team on behalf of the company will enable your company to successfully seize different opportunities to survive. For this reason, take care to have a staff of bright and professional people.

4. Have Consultants and Mentors

It could be the board of directors, or it could be your colleagues with coffee in the evenings. In both cases, you can get important advice about your business, as there are people who know about your company and share the same interests as you. Of course, you can also get help from professional consultants in matters such as finance, marketing, human resources.

5. Invest the Right Way

Try not to be tempted by things like a luxury office, luxury office vehicle, or fancy vacation. Know that transferring most of your earnings as an investment to your company is an important move in terms of growth and development. Also consider the way of division in the services you will receive. For example, when you become a member of a stock photography site, you can save hundreds of dollars each month when you use a joint account with a company that does the same job.

6. Create a Healthcare Cash Flow

When you are going to pay and get paid, follow a reasonable method. Even large companies try to increase the payout period from 60 to 90 days, which is normally 30 days. I turned down many companies that offered to pay more than 30 days later. This is because I am doing a communication consultancy business. So my job is by invoice, not by wire transfer Therefore, clearly define your payment and payment methods.

7. Be specific

If you try to provide all kinds of services to everyone, you can overshadow your company's reputation on behalf of a few extra customers. For this reason, serve your customers on the subject you know best. Even if the customer asks for help on a topic that is not your area of expertise, get help from companies that are experts in this business.

9. Be a Valuable Team Member

Even if you are the boss of the company, participate actively in teamwork. Thus, you will be informed about the developments within the company, which allows you to make more effective decisions.

Likewise, participate in the conversations with customers. Attend conferences and seminars in the industry your customers operate in. Thus, you can produce more suitable projects for your customers. This situation allows you to be better equipped both personally and institutionally. In this way, you rise to a more valuable position in the eyes of customers, which helps you to establish long-term business partnerships.

10. Exceed Expectations

Exceeding expectations and creating valuable projects allows you to get better and more important works. In other words, providing a higher service than the customer expects will keep that customer doing business with you.

Some large corporate companies choose to do business with large public relations companies. One of such companies took the crisis communication business in North America. Our task was to prepare a crisis communication plan. We prepared such a strategic and clear plan that the crisis plan of the huge agencies was compared to ours.