Career Advice from Steve Jobs' For Creative Entrepreneurs

Career Advice from Steve Jobs: The Most Permanent Innovations Are Created By The Union Of Art And Science. You Personally Teach People What They Want. Never Be Afraid of Failure. Optimize the Current Situation

Career Advice from Steve Jobs' For Creative Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011 and left behind a great spiritual legacy, is the name that brought the Apple brand to the world. Attaches great importance to innovation and design; When we look at Jobs's life, who struggles with his determination and determination, there are many elements that can set an example for young entrepreneurs and indeed everyone.
Let's look at what we can learn from Steve Jobs' way of thinking and philosophy.

Advice 1. The Most Lasting Innovations Are Created Through Alliance with Arts and Sciences

Steve Jobs has always stated that the main difference between Apple and other computer companies is that Apple values ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology and art equally. The team that worked on the original Mac included people with education in history, literature, painting, and sociology. It was this approach that made Apple's products so different. If you compare iPad and other tablets, you will see that iPad has its own soul, a style. Of course, you cannot expect engineers and scientists to attach such importance to art and design. Therefore, as a company leader, you must teach your team the vision.

Advice 2. You Must Teach People What They Want

There is a stream of thought in business theory. This trend of thought, which defends that customer opinions and suggestions should be given importance while preparing a product for the customer, was not accepted by Steve Jobs. In fact, he was one of the first names to oppose this idea. Modern customers may not always know exactly what they want. This is especially true for things they have not seen, heard, or touched before. When Apple produced the first tablet, many people were skeptical of this product. However, when people picked up the iPad, they quickly realized that this was a fantastic product. They even forgot how they lived without an iPad before. IPad, the fastest growing product in Apple history, has become an iconic product for the technology world, demonstrating the importance of an entrepreneur and his team to trust their product.

As Henry Ford said:
If I asked people what they want, I would have produced a faster-going horse.

Advice 3. Never Fear of Failure

Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple by the person he hired himself. However, he did not attempt to make investments that no one would care about with the money he earned from Apple. He picked himself up and continued doing what he passionately loved again, and again took over Apple and became the main actor that brought the brand to the top.

In his legendary speech at the Stanford University graduation ceremony in 2005, Jobs said:

“Nobody wants to die. Even those who know they will go to heaven cannot risk death to go there. However, death is inevitable. Nobody has escaped him, and it should be. Death is life's greatest invention. My life is a change, death. It sweeps the old and makes the new sprout. You are new now, but one day you too will grow old and old.

Your time is limited. So don't waste it by living other people's life. Do not fall into the trap of dogma. Don't let people's voices drown out your inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Other than that, everything is secondary. "

Advice 4. Optimize the Current Situation

No matter how planned you are in life, you can never fully predict the future. The future contains many uncertainties. You may be separated from your lover today. The company you have worked for for 4 years may still not be able to fully earn money. You may not be hired for the job you wanted so much. But all of these could be the seeds of your future success. You have only a certain amount of control over how your life should be. So you don't know how to complete the missing parts. All you have to do is try to set up the best system with the parts available.

Advice 5. Listen To Your Heart's Voice

Many of us have no sound in our hearts. We decide to become a doctor because of the wish of our family or the high salary. Even if we succeed in the end, we don't have a word to say about life. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, had the opposite personality. He was a person who directed his passion and determination to his work, constantly pursued something new and always made plans. Jobs was a person who was obsessed with computers. When he saw the Graphic User Interface (GUI), he was impressed and believed that the future of the computer would change with this interface. If he hadn't listened to his heart, focused solely on the money he earned, there would be no Macintosh today. In summary, try to listen to the voices of your head and heart. It knows much better than you do what your subconscious wants, what direction you should go.

Advice 6. Have Expectations From Others

We know that Steve Jobs is a tough, perfectionist and controlling freak with his employees. Here we can infer that he cares about his job. He was a name who wanted to show the best performance and expected the best performance from his team. So how could he attract the best engineers and designers of the market to Apple despite being such a tough boss? Because talented people also believe in superior performance. Normally, an 8-out of 10 manager hires a maximum of 6-level employees, thus trying to be the smartest person in the environment. But if you're someone like Steve Jobs, you'll hire people who are 11 out of 10 even if you're 9 out of 10.

Advice 7. Focus on Success, Not Being Right

This is a phrase Steve Jobs used when he was kicked out of Apple. Do this if you're going to steal other people's good ideas and make them better. There were a lot of problems with the motherboard of the computer when the Apple III came out, but Jobs worked hard on it and fixed it. If Jobs had insisted on this model, today's Mac would not have been designed.

Advice 8. Equip Your Environment with Talented People

Apple = not Steve Jobs. The talented people that Steve Jobs worked with had a huge share in his success. Phill Schiller, Jony Ive, Peter Oppenheimer, Tim Cook, Ron Johnson are all very bright and successful people in Jobs' A team. The reason why Apple remained intact in the stock market after Jobs' death is the presence of this team. Steve Jobs also made bad decisions, hired John Sculley fired him, but we can still say that Jobs' outfitting with talented people played a key role in Apple's success. In other words, it is a very important issue that his colleagues are successful people as much as Steve Jobs' determination, determination and vision.

Advice 9. Stay hungry, stay foolish

Steve Jobs said in his Stanford University graduation speech in 2005:
“In my youth there was a publication called The Whole Earth Catalog. It was like the holy book of our generation. It was a poetic book written by Steward Brand.

In the late 1960s, before personal computers and desktop publishing were around, the entire book was designed with a typewriter, scissors, and a polaroid camera. We can call it the book version of Google. It was an extremely idealistic magazine designed with very good concepts 35 years before Google.

Steward and his team published this magazine in several issues, and in the 1970s the last issue was published.

Behind the last issue of this magazine was a morning photograph of a road running through a rural area. Under it it read: "Stay hungry, stay foolish"

I have always taken this phrase as a guide for myself. Now I wish the same for you.

Stay hungry, stay foolish. "

Advice 10. It is Possible to Achieve Everything with Work, Determination and Vision

Known as the greatest CEO ever and father of modern computer technology, Steve Jobs was also a human being after all. He was a father, a wife, a friend. By examining his life closely, you can be inspired by his vision and perseverance. When Jobs returned to Apple in the 1990s, he saved the company from bankruptcy and over the years made Apple the world's largest brand.