Best Face Swap Apps, Best list to change your face

Best Face Changer Apps for Android and iPhone: Face-changing apps that have become very popular on smartphones with Snapchat make users have fun.

Best Face Swap Apps, Best list to change your face

There are many apps that let you create fun images by swapping faces with a few taps, but some have more useful or quality effects. For this reason, we have prepared a facial replacement application list for you.

Best Face Swap Apps

Snapchat is a must on this list. Snapchat plays a crucial role in making face replacement applications so popular. Available free of charge on Android and iOS, Snapchat allows users to apply effects in real time. Snapchat lets you have fun with your friends with fun effects that are updated frequently.

With Facebook's augmented reality app, MSQRD, you can apply effects to your face in real time. MSQRD, which is very successful, scans your face to create a three-dimensional model. In addition, the effects follow your face as you record videos. So we can shoot videos with the mask we choose. The MSQRD is compatible with both front and rear cameras. Unfortunately, MSQRD only works in live mode, which means you can't change faces from current media. MSQRD is available for free on Android and iOS platforms.

Face Swap Booth
Face Swap Booth is very suitable for those who want a more comprehensive face-swap application. The Face Swap Booth app has a variety of options to adjust the image exactly and get the results you want. Unlike other face-changing apps, Face Swap Booth is just a face-swapfocus. So we can't add masks. The highlight of this app is that you can make subtle touches. For example, he can take your own face and add it to a celebrity's face. We can even adjust the facial features. Face Swap Booth is available for free on Android and iOS platforms. It allows you to change certain features instead of all faces. For example, you can choose someone else's eyes and infect someone else. In addition, you don't need a second photo.

Face Swap Live
This app is similar to Facebook's MSQRD app, but has several notable differences. With Face Swap Live, you can add effects to photos on your phone. So you can take a selfie just before applying the effect or import an existing image. As you know, the MSQRD app can only apply the effect in real time. Face Swap Live has two iOS versions, one for free and one for a fee. The Android version of the app is still in beta.

Microsoft Face Swap
Our first application comes from Microsoft Garage, Microsoft's dedicated division for experimental projects. In Face Swap, which has a very simple interface, you first need to take a photo of yourself. Immediately afterwards, you can complete the face change by selecting the photo you want to add to your face. Face Swap, which has a one-way working logic, places the removed face from the source to the target picture. Microsoft Face Swap is available for free on Android and iOS platforms.