Advice for becoming a successful entrepreneur

We share with you the lessons learned from 15 different businessmen and the best advice they have taken, based on their experiences to date

Advice for becoming a successful entrepreneur

Advice for becoming a successful entrepreneur

1. There is no shortcut
“Work hard and put a head on your business more than anyone else. Don't waste time looking for shortcuts to be successful. "

2.Know every detail of your business
Most people look but not see. Learn to see both the big picture and every detail of your business and customers. See every crack, every detail.

3.Don't chase after money
Be the master of money, not a slave!
“I used to do everything I do with the desire to get rich. Often my works have always been unsuccessful. Afterwards, only the haphazard works that I did fondly performed showed great success. In other words, the old expressions of our grandparents are partially correct. It took me years to learn this. After having a certain fortune, I failed many times and through these experiences I reinforced many words that were advised to me as a child. "

4. Competitive advantage is the most important thing
“Losing your competitive edge is the biggest risk to be taken in the business world. If people can't find a reason to bypass your competitors and come to you, you can't be in the market. "

If your work can excite some people, and some people think you are the best at your job, okay. You have been successful. Of course, don't expect everyone to think that way.

“What is the job that nobody but you can do better? The whole thing solves this. "

5.The best advice you ever get could be an outright insult
Call it reverse psychology if you like, but it can be an insult to motivate some entrepreneurs to make them successful.

“This is a little odd. The best advice I have ever received was the worst word I've ever heard. When I started my first business, this insult came from the person who was my girlfriend and business partner at the time. He told me I would never be successful without him. It hurt me to hear this. But fortunately he told me this humiliating phrase because if I hadn't heard of it I would never have built a bigger business. I made a superhuman effort, doing everything I could, so that he would not see my failure and enjoy it. So the best advice I ever got was an insult. "

6.Never give up
There can be a lot of competition in the market, so never give up.
“It may seem like advice that does not have very deep meaning, but continuity and a spirit of struggle are the most important factors that allow a business to survive and succeed. While people who have graduated from the best universities in the world and who do not have the spirit of struggle perish, people with a fighting spirit can be among the richest people in the world.

7.Your business should bring profit to everyone
”Fill someone else's basket to the brim. That's when making money becomes a simple matter. "

You can pay your employees twice as much as the market average, and do your best to make sure your suppliers succeed instead of exploiting them.

“Your behaviors and attitudes in your business life are actually more important than you think. If you are aware of the impact you create and act responsibly, you can achieve a tremendous advantage in the business world. "

8.Don't hesitate to ask for help
“You cannot control everything, ask people for help. People enjoy helping. You have to trust people because you can't take care of everything yourself. ”

Learning to be able to trust people and delegate control plays a very important role in your success.

9.Whoever you work with
“You will be evaluated by the average of 5 people you collaborate with most. "
Follow this advice in light of this advice while choosing the people around you and the businesses you will work with, even the people you will dine with.

10.Enter a job where you can play big
”If you can be a big company in the sector you will enter, enter the sector. Do not enter if you will get a small place. You have to enter an industry where you can make a difference and have an important place. "

11. Advertising industry entrepreneur Sara Rotman: Comfort and convenience are our enemies
“When starting a business, only have enough cash to stand still. Never take so much money that you feel comfortable. It is important to always feel anxious to start. "

“Although we can define this feeling as hunger rather than anxiety. I think this advice is very correct. Continue to feel this hunger throughout your career. Remember, comfort is your enemy. Being hungry forces you to survive, grow and develop.

12. Be simple and simple
“Simplicity is really important. Your job should be simple. Sometimes you have to work really, really hard to simplify something. Even if it gets complicated later, you have to present it in its simple look. Especially when you present it to people who will buy it, you have to be simple. People don't want to listen, they just want to buy. "
13. Time is money
“1 day is only 24 hours for all of us. What sets us apart from others is how we use these 24 hours. You can never get back the time you lost. "

14. If you do not consistently get no, you are not pushing your luck enough.
"If you don't hear enough no answers during the day, then you are either not doing it right or you are not making as much effort as necessary."

It is normal and good for successful entrepreneurs to answer "no". This means that the things you are trying to do are groundbreaking and disturbing for some. Of course, there will be a lot of opposition.

15. Learn to say no and focus on what you do best.
“Focus is extremely important. To come up with great ideas, you need to be able to say no to great ideas. As an entrepreneur you may not be sure where you are going from time to time. Every step you take will intersect in other ways. It can be hard not to go astray. "