7 Reasons to Put Your Thoughts in Writing

Written goals are very important. Ideas don't take too long. It's the best way to remind yourself what to focus on. Transferring thoughts to paper frees up your mental burden.

7 Reasons to Put Your Thoughts in Writing

When you write down the ideas in your mind, you automatically focus on them. Few of us can write one thought and think about something else at the same time. That's why pen and paper are great tools to keep your concentration. " Michael Leboeuf

“Write down whatever comes to mind at that moment. Ideas that are not considered are usually the most valuable. " Francis Bacon, Sr.

One of the most important habits I have acquired in the last few years has been to write down the ideas in my mind. So why is this so important?

1. If your memory is similar to mine, it probably looks like a leaking bucket.

Writing more of what I had in mind allowed me to see how many things slipped from my memory. You cannot trust your memory.

Instead of recreating what happened every time we remember something, we replay a movie from our archive.

Our regenerative beliefs depend on various factors such as our mood and self-image at the time.

What you remember about an event may even be different from what someone else remembered. There are more than one interpretation of the truth.

Even when you try to remember the way you interpreted an event later, things change. That's why we need a system other than ourselves.

2. Ideas don't take too long.

Beautiful or great ideas may come to your mind at the most unlikely time, but not too long.

You have to write them down right away or you may not be able to remember them with the same vividness.

3. Written goals are very important.

What many successful self-help writers insist on: putting goals into writing. When you write down your target, your target becomes more clear in your eyes. It shows you which direction to go. Also, writing down your goals doesn't just make clear what your goals are. You will also know more about your goal and life.

A written goal can also help you wake up when you're stressed or making a hasty decision.

4. Reminding yourself what to focus on.

Often times, we can lose ourselves in the flow of daily life and overlook the things that matter.

Instead of preoccupying yourself with less important tasks to keep yourself on track, write a reminder that will distract these thoughts from your mind.

You can write your biggest goal right now (like running a marathon next year, doubling the time you spend with your kids each week, or opening your own website or blog and having 1000 regular visitors each month).

I also like these kinds of reminders: "Because I did this today, will I be able to sleep at night thinking I did a great job?" , "What's the most important thing I can do right now?" Write down your reminder and post it in a place that will not go unnoticed during your day.

5. Unloading your mental burden.

When you don't have to think about every little detail, it will be less stressful and you can think healthier.

This reason is the most important for me.

Staying calm and feeling comfortable not only improves your health, but also makes your life easier.

6. Thinking healthier.

You cannot keep multiple thoughts in your mind at once. If you want to solve a problem, it may be good to write down your thoughts, details about the problem, and what you feel.

So you don't have to use your mind to remember, instead you use your mind to think healthier.

Putting everything down in writing allows you to see the big picture and make it easy to see the links to solve the problem.

7. Improving your long-term concentration while getting to know yourself and your life better.

You can keep a diary so that you can follow your thoughts over a long period of time and see the positive and negative aspects of both your thoughts and actions.

For example, you think of yourself as a healthy person, but when you read your diary you saw that you only went for a run four times this month.

Or, you evaluate your life very well, but when you read your notes from last month, you realized that you have negative thoughts about your job or relationship at almost every point.

By writing them down, you can improve yourself in noticing problems and coming to your senses.

Or your diary might make you aware of a point about yourself and / or your life that you have missed recently. This gives clarity to your life.

All these reasons are the reasons I put my thoughts in writing. How can you put your thoughts in writing? This is entirely up to you.

You can save it to Word file or refer to pen and paper. If you have an idea while you are out, you can save it on your mobile phone.

My suggestion would be to try different methods and find the one that is most comfortable and effective for you.